Q&A with Danny Trejo aka Machete

Century San Francisco Centre 9 and XD theater hosted a special screening of “Machete Kills” on Oct. 3, followed by a discussion with actor Danny Trejo.

The sequel of “Machete” continues with Trejo playing an indestructible Mexican cop turned spy. The film opens with gruesome violence, fire, and hilarity — typical of all Robert Rodriguez productions. Aside from Trejo dominating the screen, stars like Charlie Sheen (credited as his birth name, Carlos Estevez), Mel Gibson, Sofia Vergara, and Alex Vega made appearances throughout the film. Unlike most action movies, “Machete Kills” has the confidence to point out the clichés of mainstream flicks. The movie does not try to be something that it is not, but rather embraces the campy qualities and forced dialogue.

Throughout the Q&A portion of the event, one of the main things Trejo stressed was the importance of going to the movies for fun, stating, “This ain’t no art film!” The actor, who started out as a boxer, talked about how he began his career as an extra and later progressed to starring in his usual action roles. Although Trejo has acted alongside many A-list stars, including Johnny Depp and Robert De Niro, he appeared humble before the audience at the screening. He was excited to answer questions and spoke about his family and relationship with director Robert Rodriguez — who undoubtedly helped him rise to fame.

Based on the audience’s enthusiasm as Trejo entered the theatre, it is clear that the actor has become an icon of cult films throughout the years. The closing of the movie promises a future “Machete” via spoof trailer — a signature of Grindhouse productions. Stay tuned for the next action-packed riot!

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