Q&A with newly elected Freshman Class Representative, Madeline Campbell

Sharon Arana

Staff Writer

Madeline “Maddie” Campbell arrived at USF with the mindset to change the world from here. This freshman politics major from Sacramento, CA was recently elected for the position of  freshman class representative on ASUSF Senate. Although Campbell has only been a part of Senate for two meetings so far, she’s eager and excited to be starting this journey on the executive board.

What made you run for Senate?

I was involved in Student Government in high school for two years, and I really enjoyed my time there — not just in event planning, but actually helping the students out. You don’t really get to do a lot of that in high school, so I wanted to do more of it here. I’m a politics major, and I want to get involved in helping people in general. I want to have a career as a political official — I’ve always liked representing people and being a liaison.

What makes this freshmen class special or unique enough for you to run and want to be the Representative?

Personally, I knew I wanted to do this since I was a senior in high school. I decided that whatever college I’m going to, I would run for office. On my connection with the students in this freshmen class, I’ve really enjoyed how intelligent everyone is in college compared to high school — every time I talk to someone, they really have valid things to say, and they’re really genuine. I’ve liked everyone that I’ve met here; they’re really cool people, very diverse and very respecting.

What are your future plans as the Freshman Representative?

Right now, I’m really just figuring out my position on Senate and figure out what exactly I want to do. I’m trying to come up with an initiative; some thoughts that I have are more information on drug and alcohol safety. In the first couple weeks here, I saw ambulances pulling up to the freshmen dorms, and there’s a lot of resources there for students that they don’t know about. Maybe they spoke about it in orientation, but it seems like no one really remembers it…We have an Amnesty/Good Samaritan clause here, where if you see someone who’s really intoxicated you can tell an official without getting in trouble, but no one knows that. I’m trying to think of ways to bring more safety to the freshmen. You can’t really stop them from taking drugs or drinking alcohol, so let’s just make it safer for them.

Photo Credit: Sharon Arana/ Foghorn


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