Quiet Spaces is Turning up the Sound

If you were too occupied with finals at the end of last semester to visit the Thacher Gallery exhibit “Quiet Spaces,” now is your chance to do so. “Quiet Spaces,” which is running until Feb. 10, is a collection of images and text from modern illustrated books which portrays how diverse the experience of sanctuary can be represented. However, this semester the exhibit will have a musical component, which may come as a surprise, when considering the content of the gallery.


The first performance will be comprised of two solos performed by USF faculty members Daria D’Andrea and Giacomo Fiore on Jan. 31 from 12 p.m. to 1 p.m.. D’Andrea’s viola performance will showcase work entirely by female composers, as their works are often underrepresented on concert stages worldwide.


Fiore’s performance will include excerpts from composer Cat Lamb’s electronic work “Point/Wave.” The piece is unique in that it will generate what Lamb calls an “environmental cord cycle” by filtering the sounds from the space into harmonies creating an immersive and meditative experience.


The second performance in the Gallery will be the ensemble of the Electric Sound Collective. It will take place on Feb. 4 at 5 p.m. The ensemble will be playing a piece using multiple mobile phones titled “Different Tones.” This performance will turn the space into an immersive and spatial demonstration, which shows how foreign or distant sounding pitches can share common fundamentals, just as we see in the themes of “Quiet Spaces.”

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