Ready, Set, OkGo!

Early 2000’s rock fans piled into The Fillmore last Friday night. Some brought their spouses and children, while others brought their OkGo tour t-shirts and teenage angst they’d been keeping since 2005. They pushed and shoved their way to the front of the barricade, a mere two feet from their favorite band.


After their short set, roadies cleared the stage of the opening band’s instruments and amps, making way for light up red, blue and green mic stands. Whispers amongst the anxious crowd grew into excited conversations, as the Fillmore reached its full capacity. The lights went from dimmed to black as fans screamed in anticipation. Two screens in the shape of a V, center stage, began glitching as the audience grew elated, but also confused. Suddenly, clips from movies and TV shows rapidly jumped onto the screen making up the words ‘OK GO’, hundreds of times, until it stopped all together.


This was the moment the audience had been waiting for all night. OkGo ran onto the stage and took to their lit up mic stands and instruments. The crowd roared and jumped in excitement, as they began playing “Upside Down & Inside Out,” one of the most popular songs on their last album, “Hungry Ghosts.” The lead singer, Damian Kulash, danced around and pumped up the audience even more with his enthusiastic attitude and contagious energy. Throughout the show, confetti shot from two cannons on either side of the stage and covered the audience in a rainbow blanket of paper.


Between songs, Kulash took time to have a Q-and-A with the audience and tell funny anecdotes about his personal life, mostly about the mistake of including his dog in music videos. Fans were awestruck when he answered their questions or called them out of the pool of people. Kulash is by far one of the most personable artists I have ever watched at a concert. For two songs, Kulash jumped off of the stage over the barricade of photographers, and jumped into the audience. Fans practically weeped after touching his arm and being that close to one of their favorite musicians. He made his way towards the back of the theatre and sang a couple more songs to benefit the fans further from the stage.



The opener for OkGo was an alt-rock band called Sego. A large neon sign reading ‘Sego’ awaited the band. A lead singer, who resembled the late Kurt Cobain, went straight to the center of the stage as the drummer, bassist and keyboard player followed. Dressed in retro t-shirts, jean jackets and messy hair, they promised an alternative set to the restless audience. By the first chord, everyone was hooked. They played ‘90s alt-rock and bounced around the stage, giving life to the Fillmore. Sego’s song “The Fringe” captivated the audience with its heavy strokes of the guitar and bass and repetitive lyrics. “Everybody at this party is already over it,” they sang. Offering a classic sound to a new generation, their music was reminiscent of Nirvana and The Smashing Pumpkins and was an excellent build up to the alt-pop, more-modern sounds of OKGo.


The historic Fillmore never disappoints, and neither did OkGo. They gave the audience a lively performance, spoke with some fans, covered everyone in a coat of confetti and even jumped into the audience. The fans left the Fillmore fully satisfied and in complete awe of the show they had just witnessed. OkGo is a band you definitely don’t want to miss next time they come to San Francisco.





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