Red Bull Thre3 Style USF; Student Profile

The Philippines in the early 2000’s seems like the last place you would find someone that would love electronic dance music. Regardless, after a friend one night in high school introduced me to some trance music I knew I was hooked. Since then, my love of electronic music has been insatiable going across the spectrum from Trap to Trance to Dubstep to Electrohouse. After finally saving enough money to buy some DJ equipment, I tried my hand at making mixtapes under the name Lüse Bree. Recently, I decided to take it to the next level and try my hand at performing in front of live audiences and absolutely loved it. My passion is to share the music I love with whoever wants to listen. — Stephen Miller; Student Bio

A collegiate version of the official Red Bull global DJ competition that blew San Francisco away. The DJs are given 15 minutes to showcase their ability to “rock the party.” The name Thre3style means that the DJs are required to incorporate three genres of music in their sets. The winner will be chosen by the crowd, prizes and Red Bull swag TBA! Come support fellow Don Stephen Miller!