Residents on the Move

Last week, the Foghorn interviewed five freshmen living in what was once a women’s resource center on the fifth floor of Fromm Hall, as part of an article about the on-campus housing shortage. Since that article went to print last Thursday, all five students have been relocated to traditional double room dorm assignments across campus.

One of the residents, Marly Kos, said she was very happy about moving and appreciates more time to herself and a quiet environment to study. While the five former roommates said they got along well in their Fromm space, they also complained that they had vastly different schedules, which made it difficult to study or sleep in the room. Living there was also hazardous, as the five students shared a single electrical outlet. Attached to the outlet were extension cords and four power strips, used to charge an array of devices including their five laptops, TV, reading lights and hair dryers.

While the roommates were happy to find their own spaces, they represent a minority of students living in temporary non-traditional spaces who have been relocated to regular rooms.

According to the Director of the Office of Residence Life Steve Nygaard, just under 20 of the 190 students living in non-traditional spaces have been relocated or are in the process of moving. Students are moved into regular rooms as those rooms become available, such as when a current resident decides to transfer, withdraw from the university or move back home. Nygaard also said ORL would try to work with residents living in non-traditional spaces who wish to remain in those spaces for the rest of the year.

As for the recently vacated space on the fifth floor of Fromm Hall, Nygaard said ORL had not decided how to best use the room. Fifth floor Resident Advisor Eva Najjar said she hopes the room is turned into a lounge or study space. It could also be turned back into a women’s resource center.


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