“Rocky Horror” Preview

Sean Gonzalez and Isa Williams

Junior PASJ with a dance concentration major and Senior PASJ with a theatre concentration


What do you do as the show’s directors?

IW: It is Sean’s and my job to cast and direct and guide our performers into highlighting their own talent and the vision of the show itself. For Rocky Horror, we work hard to keep the show and creative process inclusive and supportive of our actors so they can embody and share the over dramatic, wild and empowering feel of the show. As it is a shadow play, we direct them to act like the original cast, while adding their own character to their role and the choreography given to them.


Why did you want to be the director?

SG: This show has a lot of meaning for me, personally. It helped me to discover who I was, and was an essential piece of art when it came to the process of me coming out as a gay transman. Seeing the defiance of gender normativity and the expression of queer sexuality and romance was so important to me when I saw it portrayed in this film. It helped me to feel comfortable chopping off my hair and dressing masculinely, just thinking of Frank’s words the entire time–“Don’t dream it, be it.” Isa and I share a very specific aesthetic and vision for the show, and we wanted to be able to work together to bring that vision to life.


What was the first time you saw “Rocky Horror?”

IW:  I honestly can’t remember when I first saw Rocky Horror. I think my dad showed it to my brother and I in our early high school years. I was very confused, but Tim Curry is a legend and the music is very catchy so I still liked it. It wasn’t until my freshman year of college that I had my first  theatre experience with “Rocky Horror” as a shadow show. It was crazy and a bit uncomfortable, as I am an introvert. However, as time continues, I’ve gained a lot of confidence while being in a show focused on personal and sexual empowerment.


Who’s your favorite character?

IW:  I guess this may sound a bit like a cop out, but I can’t decide on a favorite character. All the characters are flawed; even the aliens [Magenta, Riff Raff and Frank N. Furter] are human. Even so, they are still appealing, especially Frank N. Furter.

SG: Dr. Frank-N-Furter, as he embodies my need to defy gender normativity as well as my sass.


Troy Harper

Junior Media Studies Major


What’s your role in “Rocky Horror?”

I play Frank N. Furter.


Why did you try out for Rocky Horror?

My best friend [Isa Williams] is one of the directors, and I thought it’d be fun to hang out more.


What’s the best thing about your character?

He’s kind of the opposite of who I am. Frank is very sexual with everyone and loves exposing himself. I get to be different from how I usually am for a couple of hours.


When was the first time you saw “Rocky Horror?

After I got cast.


What’s your favorite part of the show?

When I get introduced. I come in with a robe and I reveal all of this. It’s a fun intro. I also love “Eddie’s Teddy,” because I get to sit down the whole time. It’s one of the few numbers where I don’t have to do anything.


Priyanka Panda

Senior Psychology Major


What’s your role in “Rocky Horror?”

I play Riff Raff.


What’s the best thing about your character?

I’m the only unsexy one on stage, and it’s honestly really fun. Riff Raff is kind of a special snowflake, no one really gets him, until the end. In the end, he gets his big moment, and it feels so good to act it.


What was the first time you saw “Rocky Horror?

Early high school, or middle school. I loved it, it was a little bit of a gay awakening.


What’s your favorite part of the show?

I love the floor show at the end, when Riff kills everybody. It’s my shining moment, it’s the best.


Why did you try out for Rocky Horror?

It’s my senior year, and I never really had the confidence to do theater before. I always wanted to so I thought, “f—k it let’s do it,” it was unplanned and on a whim. I wasn’t expecting to get a lead, but I did and it’s been awesome!


Photos by Claudia Sanchez/ Foghorn


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