saving $ in our economy

At the beginning of the year I knew that living on campus in one of the most expensive cities in America that money would be sort of tight. I for one have not noticed the economy effecting my life so much. I have my school, housing, food, and public transportation paid for. I funds that have suffered have been of course the “fun funds.” Going to concerts and getting new clothes were the first to go off of my list but I have learned to bypass actually having to spend money. Because I didn’t want to miss out on going to all of the best concerts in the city but didn’t want to pay for them, I started to use one of the perks of working for our campus station KUSF. This saves a a good twenty bucks every time I go out to a concert and makes the show twice as good. As for clothing, I decided to become a street team member for the RVCA store on Haight where I hand out discount cards and receive free shirts and gift cards to the store which help pay for new jackets during the colder months. I’ve also cut back on eating out and if I know i’ll be going off campus for a while instead of splurging in the specific area I’m in, I’ll just get a sandwich at the caf and place it in my backpack as a meal later to help finish off my flexi and to save me from reaching for my debit card. I was also lucky enough to snag an on campus job working for ITS for three days a week brings in a steady pay check for me to live off of when I’m in need of school supplies or want to treat myself to a cab ride to get somewhere. Because I do not know what the nation’s economic future holds, I have also started planning for sophomore year by starting out the application process. I have been considering becoming an RA because of my personality and being encouraged by friends to do it and since now that our recession seems to be in full swing I feel that saving the money for housing and doing something I love would be the one of the best economic decisions I can make for the upcoming year. Hopefully I make it though the selection process and able to take a financial burden off of my family and I for next year.

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