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I’m not always the one to bear bad news, but it is with great regret that I have to say that USF’s own dorm room-pop band No Vacation, is no more. We’ve grown to love them over the past year and though it is sad to see them go, they surely did go out with a bang. They had their last show this past Tuesday at The Rickshaw Stop, along with Vulkano and CHEATAHS, and it was epic.

Everybody in the crowd anxiously waited for No Vacation’s arrival onto the dimly, multi-colored lit stage, myself included. The show was nothing short of amazing. As members, Basil Saleh, Sabrina Mai, Nat Lee, Marisa Saunders and Harrison Spencer walked on stage awaiting a hyped up crowd, they opened up with “Lovefool” from their debut EP “Amo XO.” The soft track, paired with Mai’s vocals, Saunders’ bass, and the subtlety of Spencer’s drum playing was the perfect recipe for what Saleh once called “Post-Tropical Sad Core” vibes. It was a blissful opening for what would then turn into one of the hardest indie shows I’ve ever been to; I have never been in a soft-pop mosh pit before, but I can definitely cross that off my bucket list now.

The Rickshaw Stop has ample room to be up close and personal with the band and to interact with the people around you in the crowd. The amount of shoving that accompanied songs such as “Laundry Day” and “Beach Bummer” (with Lee’s perfect key playing might I add) from the crowd was crazy, but not too much to warrant anybody getting upset

The style No Vacation has is, as Saleh once mentioned on their band page, “the very antithesis of hardcore music,” so to see people get that energetic and wild was something very new, not just to me, but to a few of the newcomers who came in support of No Vacation. The amount of apologizes I got that night were due in part to being that no one really thought that type of music vibe would evoke such a response from the crowd. It was, however, really awesome to see people get that excited for such an amazing band.

They played through most of the tracklist off “Amo XO”, including “Dream Girl” off their 3-track EP “Summer Break.” Some of the biggest highlights included Saleh’s awesome guitar playing coupled with his screaming renditions throughout some of the last few tracks of the night, and the amount of Spencer’s friends praising him from the crowd. That type of energy cannot be beat. They ended off the night with whispers of “goodbye” that really tugged at my little indie heartstrings.

Although this is the end for No Vacation, Mai has confirmed that though this chapter is merely over, “We all are going to do our own things musically. Nobody is really stopping.” So if this means there is more to come for what once was No Vacation, we should all still be pretty amped to see what’s in store for any of their future endeavors. #RIPNoVacation

Photo courtesy of Cristina Sanchez

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