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C.A.S.A. Seeks to Improve Advising Assistance
Associate Vice Provost and Dean of Academic Student Services Laleh Shahideh gave an informative presentation on the recently formed Center for Academic and Student Achievement (C.A.S.A.) program. C.A.S.A., which was created last summer, aims to provide academic support in all areas to USF undergraduate students and graduate students in the College of Arts and Sciences. The program is expected to have its office set up in the UC building later this year.
C.A.S.A. proposes to assign each USF student with a faculty advisor to give academic support. It will also assign a student staff member from the academic colleges, schools and Student Life department as a university advisor to assist students.
Shahideh stressed the importance of student-faculty interaction, which C.A.S.A. hopes to increase at USF.
The program is expected to be particularly helpful when there are scheduling conflicts between professors and students. It is also anticipated the program will ensure students have an advisor in circumstances where faculty advisors have to leave on sabbatical.
With the implementation of C.A.S.A., students will no longer have to contact multiple offices for advising assistance. Advisors will no longer be assigned by major, which will open opportunities for all students to receive help.
C.A.S.A. aims to eliminate the stress associated with registration by creating more resources for students to seek academic and personal support.

State Government Poses Threat to Recipients of Cal GrantsCal Grant financial aid students may be at risk due to the state government’s proposal to reduce Cal Grant funds. Governor Brown intends to reduce California’s deficit by increasing taxes but if voters don’t approve, his administration will make cuts to bussing for K-12, programs for the disabled and higher education. For recipients of the Cal Grant at private universities this means aid would be reduced by more than forty percent.

Currently, 943 USF students would be affected by the cuts to the Cal Grant program.
The Association of Independent California Colleges and Universities (AICCU) urges all students to send in stories of their personal need for aid. March 7 is the AICCU day of action, in which students benefiting from Cal Grants can share their thoughts on the issue with Sacramento government officials.

Visit for more information about proposed cuts to Cal Grant.

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