Senate Briefings: Highlights From ASUSF Senate Meetings

Senate Seeks Posting Center for UC Fourth Floor

ASUSF Senate discussed the possibility of obtaining two posting boards for the UC fourth floor lounge, one on the wall adjacent to the restrooms and another on the wall next to the copy room. President Halimah Naijeb-Locke said she would like to see a poster board center similar to the one in the Kalmanovitz Hall staircase, where flyers are posted of upcoming events. The boards are estimated at $300 each. Although the university will not provide funding for the boards, Naijeb-Locke said she would like them to. The Graphic Center would oversee the project, since it is the organization that governs all posting.

Naijeb-Locke said there is still $14,000 worth of tasks to left unfinished. “But a lot of that has to do with issues internal to offices. It’s important but it’s not worthy of student funds,” she said.

University to Improve Advising Methods

Senate Wall by Emily Bogden
Two students post a flyer on a UC fourth floor wall. ASUSF Senate plans to place two poster boards on the floor so students can post notifications. (Photo Illustration by Emily Bogden/Foghorn)

Various departments and university representatives have brainstormed ways in which the One Stop Advising Office could be improved. One proposed idea is to establish a center where students can drop off add/drop forms, stop by for questions, and speak to their advisor. President Halimah Naijeb-Locke said a huge development would be training faculty who are unfamiliar with requirements for their department majors, since it has been a problem in the past. Senators addressed other advising-related issues, such as Providing an informational session for online registration to transfer students.

Sustainability  Committee  Launches

The Sustainability Committee, headed by VP of Mission of Kelly Cook, will begin meetings to discuss environmentalism on campus. “Students at large are very enthusiastic about its appearance, which is very exciting,” Cook said. She will also be collaborating with committees for Relay for Life and Sexual Assault Awareness Week.

Student Leadership and Engagement Awards

The 16th annual SLE awards will occur this spring. SLE Director Greg Wolcott said, “It’s great way to recognize students. Many are for graduating seniors.” Awards in service and leadership will be available, as well as awards for every class. Scholarship opportunities will be offered for the first time. A freshman will be awarded a fully paid trip to Leadershape, and a junior and senior will be given a scholarship. Students are permitted to nominate themselves.

Wolcott also announced that applications for leadership roles in GO team and Magis 2 will also be out in a couple of weeks.

Off-Campus Website Underway

Off Campus Representative Estephanie Sunga announced that the reconstruction of the off-campus website is in progress. The project assistant, Sonia Camano, has drafted the revised site, but is not yet available to students.

Seniors to Petition for Graduation

School of Arts and Sciences Representative Alden Cruz voiced a reminder for seniors to fill out their application to petition for graduation by completing the online undergraduate exit survey and form.


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