Senate Election Results Announced

The candidates for the ASUSF Senate positions waited in anticipation for the election results at a meeting held by the Electoral Governing Board (EGB) on Sept. 23. This past week, students voted for these candidates to fill the different positions that were open from the spring.

In this election, 18 seats were available to candidates. By the end of the elections 15 out of the 18 seats were filled. As far as the three seats that were not filled (Students with Disabilities, Nontraditional Age, and International Student Representatives), they can be appointed by Senate executives. In that case, the Senate executives run an interview process for those who show interest and then fill the additional seats.

This semester, 12 percent of USF students voted in the elections, showing a 2 percent increase from voter participation last fall.

Electoral Governing Board president Hannah Dekay annouces the 2010 Fall Senate Election results. (Cass Krughoff/Foghorn)

Freshman Alisha Alvarez voted in the elections, not because of the great prizes EGB had on display, but for personal reasons. “After seeing the posters virtually everywhere on campus I was inspired to vote. As a freshman, I want people who will make the school a better place for my future here at USF and that can only be guaranteed through voting,: she said. To her and many students voting is essential to our school and that is why the EGB works to have a large voter turnout.

The election process is a great experience and freshman Shashi Aryal is no longer a stranger to this. Shashi won the position for Freshman Class Representative and was ecstatic, “I’m so happy I won! I couldnt be more thankful of everyone who voted for me and I’m excited to represent the freshman class for a wonderful year we have ahead.”

The elections this semester showcased great representatives and an increasing voter turnout, which the EGB had been hoping and aiming for.

EGB Vice Chair Cass Krughoff plays an important role in the Senate elections and felt this was one of the best campaigns he’s seen. He said, “We’re excited about how many people came out to vote, it was a really good turnout. The candidates ran well ethical campaigns. There were no complaints at all whatsoever. I’m proud of everyone, they worked very hard. Also, I look forward to spring elections and an even higher turnout.” Other students on the Executive Board of EGB were pleased with all aspects of the elections.

Although the turnout of the Fall Senate elections increased from last year’s numbers, EGB  hopes that the spring elections will bring an even larger voter participation.

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