Senate Votes to Extend Crossroads Hours

In their first meeting of the spring semester, ASUSF discussed the logistics of a resolution that would extend Crossroads’ hours and talked about another resolution to amend the Gleeson Library guest policy.

Sophomore class representatives Patrick Sudlow and Lansen Leu introduced the Crossroads resolution in December because they continually heard complaints that there was no place on campus to get food after Crossroads closes at 11:30 p.m. Sudlow, along with Leu, approached Holly Winslow, the general manager of Bon Appétit, about extending the hours to accommodate students’ needs. Winslow was receptive to the suggestion, but asked Sudlow and Leu to develop a formal resolution. After the resolution was passed by Senate in December, Sudlow began having follow-up meetings with Winslow to discuss worker safety and security during the late night hours. The hours of operation would be extended until 3 a.m. on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. The logistics are still being discussed; Sudlow will be meeting with One Card and Dan Lawson, director of public safety, this week to discuss extra security measures. Sudlow suggested that the first and second floors of the university center building would be locked after midnight and only be accessible through a swipe-card access system to ensure that only students are entering the building. He would also like public safety to do a walk through in Crossroads every hour and confirm that they will provide rides for the Crossroads workers if needed. Shuttle service ends at 1 a.m., thus student workers would need public safety to escort them to their homes. Sudlow and Leu will also be meeting with Hailey Anderson, the general manager of Crossroads, to see how she will staff the café for the late night hours.

Sudlow mentioned that while some students are interested in working late hours, others are not. He said that Crossroads may have to hire outside, non-student workers. The new hours will be advertised on Facebook, USFtv, and the Final Flush.

Ben Kerelian, senior class representative, proposed an amendment to the library guest policy in November, but the resolution was not approved. Senate members did not feel they had enough background information to approve the amendment. The current policy reads that a USF student can have a guest in the library if the student calls 24 hours in advance and provides them with the guest’s full name. Alex Platt, student body president, said that while some librarians stick to this rule, others will allow guests with less than 24 hours’ notice. Platt said that the proposed amendment would allow a student to check a maximum of two guests in, and may require that person’s identification to be held at the circulation desk, to ensure that the guest leaves the library. This would reflect the guest policy that the dormitories currently have. The proposed amendment would prohibit students from checking in guests during midterms and final exams. Platt said many questions were raised about the amendment and that it will be voted on next Tuesday. Kerelian could not be reached for comment.

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