Some Simple Savings Suggestions

Oh, there are so many shows in San Francisco! Take a little Digable Planets, throw in a little Heiroglyphics, add some Saul Williams, some Immortal Technique, some TV on the Radio, etc. etc. What does that get you? Well, for starters, one very broke student. You see, I’ve got a habit and I can’t kick it, so I am a seasoned explorer in the world of savings. With this, I would like to let you in on some of my “secrets” for saving money.
First of all, learn to walk or take the bus. Yes, you might have to wait a few minutes at the bus stop, but if you get a free MUNI pass you might as well use it. Cabs are way too expensive and really only serve to sponsor our laziness. Plus, it will take a stronger incentive to go out and tempt yourself with shopping if you know you have to walk or take the bus.
Second, hide your debit card from yourself. You may ask: How is it possibly to hide something from yourself? Well, since I have quite possibly the worst short-term memory of anyone I know, I find this easy. For others though, I would recommend taking out a certain amount of cash each week or month, then storing your card in a hard to reach/see area in your room. This way, even if you do remember where your card is, it will take energy and thought to get it back in your wallet, after which you may have lost your urge to spend money you really don’t have.
Next, try to keep your laundry to a minimum. Although this advice may turn you off, remember that as long as you have clean essentials it is perfectly acceptable to wear your pants more than once before you wash them. This is also a way to save water, and in turn, our planet! Although two dollars for a wash and a dry may seem like petty cash you can buy a lot with that money, which brings me to my last point.
Last, make salads. Even though we, here at USF, have Flexi cards with enough food money to last us a lifetime anywhere besides the USF cafeteria, it is no rare occasion that one tires of the selection and yearns for something more. In these circumstances, or if you are low on flexi money and are surviving on one dollar bagels for dinner, take that two dollars you saved from laundry and buy some vegetables from the grocery store. In my most recent venture, a friend and I were able to purchase enough avocado, tomato and mozzarella for a huge and delicious meal, all for under 4 dollars!
I can honestly say these techniques have only changed me for the better. I can still see all the shows I want, but I am healthier, my jeans are more comfortable, and I am in no danger of running out of my own money and being forced to mooch off my parents, everybody’s happy.

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