Sorry, Not Sorry: Muni Police Bust Expired Student ID Passes, Last Week

Student muni passes expired last Wednesday Jan.  22, the second day of the new semester.

Muni police, known as Muni Transit Fare Inspectors, were also seen in abundance that Wednesday and Thursday at bus stops near or around campus, along Balboa St., Turk St., Judah St., and down Stanyan St.

Though officials at the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) were not able to provide information on how many tickets were issued, students riding the bus to school mid-last week say that Muni officers escorted a number of transit violators, both students and not, off the bus to fine them for not having fair pay.

“Muni police just feast on students the second day of each semester,” said senior international studies Adam Smith, in a Tweet. Though Smith did not get a ticket last week, he later added, “it’s just been common in my experience to hear so many people in person and on social media talking about how they get tickets.

“It’s pretty evident that the Muni police have strategic stations at Chabot [St.], Stanyan [St.], or both each semester, and students who haven’t taken advantage of the opportunity to pick up their passes, think it’s not a big deal and get preyed upon,” he said.

Kristine Osea, a senior nursing student, also ran into Muni police on her way to school. “I was at the stop on 9th [Ave.] and Judah [St.] and the Muni police were waiting there,” she said.

“They weren’t aggressive or rude; they just approached every person getting on the bus and asked for their proof of ticket purchase or scanned clipper cards. No one was caught.”

Last year, however, Osea had a different experience at the bus stop on Geary St. and Masonic Ave. “There were like six or seven [Muni police], and I just remember seeing a kid run off the bus, hop on his skateboard and peace out,” she said.

“There were a fair amount of random citizens getting fined because they didn’t buy bus tickets. It looked like a pain in the neck.”

According to the official SFMTA website, anyone found traveling without valid Proof of Payment (PoP) on any Muni rail or bus route may be removed from the vehicle and issued a fine exceeding $100.

Students are issued a semester-long Muni pass as a sticker on their ID, every semester. Students only receive one pass per semester. The fare for an 18+ rider on Muni is $2.00.


The Office of the Department of Public Safety, located on the UC 4th floor, is still issuing out Muni passes. To get yours, visit the office. 

Got a Muni ticket? Tickets must be contested within 21 days of being issued. Download the form at and mail it to SFMTA customer service center. 


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