Sound Bites

Sound Bites

Valentine’s Day is ideal for jamming to old school tunes. This week we abandoned our quest for new music and asked some USF students what they thought of the classic love song, “Love Will Keep Us Together” by Captain & Tennille.

Sound Bites 2

“I really liked the rhythm and it’s definitely something I would listen to. I could dance to it.” – Linda Szabados, sophomore, politics major

Sound Bites 3

“It kind of reminded me of Stevie Wonder. If Stevie Wonder was a girl I could get intimate with.” – Chris Moore, sophomore, media studies major

Sound Bites 4

“It has a lot of the word “love.” It was common. Formulaic. There are a lot of songs that sound like that.” – Matt Chalabian, freshman, undeclared

Soundbites 1

“It made me think about how naïve I get when I fall for somebody. The beat made me wanna move. It’s sexy.” – Sam Finger, sophomore, performing arts and social justice major

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