Sound Bites

Sound BitesNew music comes out every Tuesday, but how many students have the time to sort through each release? Four students listened to “Good Eye” from the new Bruce Springsteen album “Working On A Dream.”  This is what they thought:

“It sounded like a ’90s stadium band that had just discovered the blues. It wasn’t painful, but I wouldn’t listen to it on my own.” – David Burgis, senior, philosophy major, film minor


“Anything by the Boss is sheer hotness. Actually, take that, put it in parentheses and square it.” – Donald Mumford, senior, psychology major


“It reminded me of this new show I watch on Fox. “Sons of Anarchy.” It reminds me of the theme song. Rock, not alternative, but a little country.” – Grace Woodrow, sophomore, nursing major


“I think it’s the perfect song for a road trip. You can’t really understand the lyrics, but you want to bob your head and look out at the scenery.” – Hunter Patterson, senior, economics major









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