Republicans have been campaigning against Obamacare since the day it passed in 2010. After the 2016 election, Republicans won a majority in the Senate and House, and hold the Executive Office with President Trump. Along party lines, repealing Obamacare finally had the votes to feasibly happen. People waited to see what Republicans’ next move would be. Instead of an immediate draft being put to debate, Republicans focused on repealing Obamacare.


When a bill was finally proposed it received harsh criticism from the left and right. The left said it would leave too many uninsured. The right said it’s too similar to Obamacare. This bill, or the American Health Care Act (AHCA), was largely drafted by Speaker Paul Ryan.

However, the day the new health care was being voted on, Paul Ryan pulled the bill when he realized they wouldn’t have the votes for it to pass.


So why did this happen? The Freedom Caucus can take some of the blame. They are a far-right faction of the Republican party who wanted the healthcare bill to lean more conservative. Members of the caucus met with Trump beforehand, a move that some saw as going behind Speaker Ryan’s back. Also, the Koch brothers, major donors to republican candidates, have said they would give increased funding to GOP members that vote against AHCA.  


What’s next for health care is unsure. It’s likely Speaker Ryan will go back to the drawing board. Or President Trump could take more of a lead on a new healthcare bill than he has previously. All that is for certain, is that the chaos and compromising of the Obama healthcare plan are sure to resurface again.


Tl;dr With a majority in the House and Senate and a GOP president, Republicans have jumped on repealing Obamacare. Speaker of the House Paul Ryan proposed a replacement plan called the American Health Care Act (AHCA). Liberals say it leaves too many uninsured and conservatives say it’s too much like Obamacare. AHCA went to a vote last week and was pulled when Speaker Ryan saw it wouldn’t receive enough votes to pass. Many blame factions within the Republican party for its failure.


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