Sparkling Seasonal Soiree Style

Campus trendsetter Addysen Trumper shows off her winter party style at the ice rink downtown.  Photo by Melissa Stihl/Foghorn
Campus trendsetter Addysen Trumper shows off her winter party style at the ice rink downtown. Photo by Melissa Stihl/Foghorn

There is one time a year when I feel like my style is skating on thin ice. Going home for the holidays brings festive joy and comfort to my heart, but my closet seems to dry up during this plentiful season.  Now that all that remains of Thanksgiving are turkey-sandwich leftovers and an extra-full stomach, I want the holiday season to arrive as I’m looking my most fabulous and, somehow, refreshed after finals. Leaving school chums and returning to veteran comrades presents many festive opportunities to dress to impress with winter cheer. Whether you celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, the festival of lights, winter’s solstice, or school’s six-week recess, this is the time for jubilees.

While this is the season for giving, I encourage you to keep it that way.  Your pocket books will thank you if you wait until after Auld Lang Syne to make your purchases for the new year. Freshen your look with pieces that produce old memories for your holiday soirees to maximize your charitable givings. There are many ways to celebrate this “most wonderful time of the year,” so here are my suggestions to help your style stay standing in the ice rink.

Family Festivity

Food galore, sibling rivalry, hugs and kisses from Aunt Honey and Grandpa’s snores blaring from the couch at 3 p.m. Yep! That sounds like a typical family gathering with holiday motive. But what to wear to impress all the cousins and be comfortable enough to stay cozy? I would advise you to stay away from sweatpants as the spirit of the holiday deserves more thought and glamour. A outfit worth of family feasts, present circles, candle lighting, and traditions must be functional, easy to move in and photo-ready. Combine your desire to wear your sweat pants with a functionally fabulous get-up. 

Women in the House: Try for a legging with scrunched socks and flat, slouchy boots. This will permit you to cross your legs Indian-style if you are stuck with the floor position while opening gifts. Wear a short mini-dress for a feminine touch, with a blazer or your favorite slouchy sweater to dress it down. Don’t forget a little holiday bling around your neck to give you a little North Star sparkle.

Men in the House: Don’t be afraid to share your preppy side with your family. No matter how your finals turned out, your family will see you as a grade-A student. I suggest a dark denim pant paired with a comfortable dress shoe or Top Siders. Top it off with a chunky sweater and polo peeking from underneath. Going to school in San Francisco allows you to come home with a little style sense.

Yuletide Ball

The sugar plum fairy was good to you this season! A fancy holiday party is just what every fashionista needs to top off the year’s sociably fashionable events with a pow. However, don’t fret because you do not need to run to the department store to get a typical black dress to wear to the party. Cocktail dresses are common every other day of the season, but this is a chance for you to jingle your bells.

Twinklettes: Pull that dress out from the back of your closet that you have always wanted to wear and don’t be afraid to wear a color not typical of the season, like a hot pink. If the color is rare for the holiday time you will be sure to shine. This is a season of textures – so pick one: feathers, sequins, beads, ruffles. This is the time to be bold!

Rudolphs: I have three words for you: colored bow tie! A velvet red, dark green or sea blue bow tie with jacket or no jacket is charming for the season. Even if your bow tie is the only color you have on your body for the night, you will be sure to bring old tradition to the table.

Bosom Buddy Bash

While your friends are well aware of your everyday style, come back from San Francisco life looking fashionably rejuvenated and style savvy. Now is the perfect time to try a bold look. Most of your friends have not seen you for a few months so, naturally, style ideas are formulated and processed over time. Top off your normal gear with that fedora that you have always wanted to rock but just haven’t found the perfect time or try those neon tights laying in your drawer waiting to explore.

Suggest for your comrades an activity outside of the house so you have a reason to bring your best style game to a different environment. Try a friendly ice skating date, gift wrapping party or holiday cookie exchange (the ideal time to bust out your Anthropologie apron). No matter what you do, make sure you mature from your high school dressing habits and show off what going to school at USF can do to a stylish closet.

The Season on Stage

One of the most precious things of the season is attending the theatre to see fanciful images flow across the stage, so I encourage you to match those fanciful images in your theatre attire. Whether you are gazing at beautiful ballerinas, an inspiring nativity scene, a charming concert, or comical comedians, treat the theatre as your stage. Don’t be afraid to not blend into the crowd, but into the show. If viewing a ballet like the Nutcracker, bring your own interpretation of the sugar plum fairy, or the prestigious nutcracker for you men (try to steer clear of resembling the rats). If attending the Christmas Carol, give your outfit a Victorian spin (without the “bah humbug”).  If the mood strikes, go to the theatre in posh style complete with hand gloves and a swing coat that you can stylishly check at the coat check.  This is a great opportunity to be gallantly glamourous.

Some people say that the holidays are the best and the worst of times. With happening style, feeling good about yourself and a bit of holiday cheer, you will be sure to sing joy to the world! So spin your dreidels, decorate your trees, but through it all, do it in style! Just remember to focus on dressing rather than stuffing and, hallelujah, your holidays will be sparkling with style.

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