Staff Picks: Favorite Past Costumes

When it comes to Halloween, nothing is more exciting than finding or making a really great costume. There are many years of haphazardly thrown together ensembles and poorly orchestrated concepts, but the years costumes go right will be remembered forever. My favorite costume was Elvis at age 5. My mom bought a white Power Ranger costume and added fringe, gold and a big belt buckle. I painted on chest hair and wore a rubber Elvis wig. Managing editor Nick Mukhar loved his  Ernie from “Sesame Street” costume best.

When advertising manager Mark Dondero was seven he had an excellent knight costume. His freshman year, web editor Sam Hernandez was a cholo. Her freshman year, editor-in-chief Laura Plantholt was a pencil in a yellow dress, grey tights for the metal, pink leg warmers for the eraser and a cone hat for the lead tip. As a kindergartener, news editor Chelsea Sterling was a cat and wore a black leotard with whiskers painted on her face. The highlight of the costume was a tail that her mom made out of old nylons.

Sometimes it’s the accessories that mean most – production manager Brenna McCallick had a light up crown for her Sleeping Beauty costume when she was three.  At 15, online editor Heather Spellacy showed her turtle power as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle’s Donatello. Sports editor Matt Steinbach shares a similar affinity for costumed fighters, he was a Power Ranger for several years in a row. Opinion editor Erika Heyer wore a mic headset and schoolgirl skirt for her Britney Spears circa “Hit Me Baby One More Time” costume. Photo editor Melissa Stihl spent Halloween at age six dressed up as a box of popcorn. Then there’s our copy editor Daniela Ricci-Tam; apparently she has never had a Halloween costume. Fascinating.

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