Stay Motivated to Achieve Your Goals

Maybe your goal is to get in shape, to get promoted to a higher paying position, or to win first place in a swim match. Whatever it is that you want to accomplish, you have to ask yourself how far are you willing to go to reach it. I believe myself to be a motivated person, and this attitude is very important in helping you succeed. However, it is also very easy to lose motivation. If you constantly find yourself losing motivation when you face obstacles, ask yourself again what your mission or goal is.

Everyone can find a way to keep him or herself motivated. The big challenges arise when you are faced with obstacles or the thought of failure. Most students in this school have a goal of graduating with honors, keeping a solid GPA and leaving USF with a good job. So what is a helpful way for staying motivated throughout the school year to help you reach your goal? First, you have to be very clear about what it is you want. Clarity is important because if you are not sure what exactly what you want out of life or what you want to achieve, your mind will be cluttered with a million thoughts. Staying focused will keep you be productive, rather than sitting around without engaging yourself in your work. If you have your goal in mind, write it down. When you have this written down you know that goal and you are free of confusion.

One other major thing that can kill motivation is when emotions take over. Our emotions are related to the level of self-confidence we carry. Many are not conscious of our emotions and how they are affecting our productivity and motivation. Everyone has gotten a test score that was not what they wanted, and it puts your head in a negative place. These are “negative emotions” taking you over and they instantly put you down and kill your motivation. The more you let your emotions get in a negative state, the more your vision and goals will become distorted, your motivation will diminish, and that goal will get harder and further to reach.

I go to the gym five times a week and I always give myself a hard workout when I go. There are some days where I will feel down or lazy because of a long or bad day, but I have disciplined myself to go to the gym frequently and I don’t let the day get in my way. If I had a bad day I make myself to workout because deep inside I truly know that being physically fit is a priority to in my life. But I am not forcing myself to go to the gym. I am always motivated no matter what emotional state I am in. The reason I am constantly motivated is because I see the end result in working out. I know that in the end of the workout I will feel better mentally and physically.

Keeping ourselves motivated is crucial to our success. We have to train our minds to stay optimistic everyday. It sometimes is difficult when we have challenges, but if you have a clear goal in mind and can control your emotional state after every challenge you face, you will feel that you are more in control of your success.

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