Student Athletes Recognized for Academics

Over the summer, USF athletes were recognized for their hard work outside the lines and in the classroom. 60 USF athletes were placed on the 2007-2008 WCC Commissioner’s Honor Roll. These student athletes had to meet three criteria to qualify for the honor roll: Each athlete must have a varsity letter in their sport, a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or better on a 4.0 grade point scale, and they must have completed 12 credits per semester. The students could qualify for Gold Honors (4.00-3.75), Silver Honors (3.74-3.50), or Bronze Honors (3.49-3.00).

The USF athletes recognized for their academic achievements are as followed:  

Gold Honors

 San Francisco Bobby Ethel Baseball Chemistry 3.91

San Francisco Casey Gee W. Golf Finance 3.79

San Francisco Tavo Hall Baseball International Studies 3.89

San Francisco Jennifer-Lee Heinser W. Tennis Marketing 3.92

San Francisco Drew Johnson Baseball Accounting 3.93

San Francisco Christine Jowaiszas W. Cross Country Exercise Sport Science 3.87

San Francisco Lauren Maris W. Soccer Exercise Sport Science 3.91

San Francisco Jacob Marx M. Cross Country Media Studies 3.77

San Francisco Elizabeth Noey W. Cross Country Chemistry 3.96

San Francisco Lisa Olden W. Basketball Accounting 3.92

San Francisco Anika Steig W. Soccer Politics 3.88


Silver Honors

 San Francisco Zuzana Bednarova W. Volleyball Finance 3.53

San Francisco Kara Breithaupt W. Soccer English 3.73

San Francisco Eric Conner M. Soccer Sociology 3.74

San Francisco Jennifer Hartford W. Cross Country Visual Art 3.61

San Francisco Heidi Heintz W. Basketball Exercise Sport Science 3.65

San Francisco Christian Hernandez M. Basketball Business Administration 3.72

San Francisco Katie Hoban W. Soccer Business Administration 3.50

San Francisco Chaneng Joe W. Golf Marketing 3.64

San Francisco Alex Nelson M. Cross Country Mathematics 3.73

San Francisco Kurt Nino M. Golf Finance 3.67

San Francisco Nykia Peace W. Basketball Psychology 3.72

San Francisco Derek Poppert Baseball International Studies 3.62

San Francisco Jessica Potter W. Golf Exercise Sport Science 3.73

San Francisco Kyle Schlumpf M. Soccer Accounting 3.63


Bronze Honors

 San Francisco Samantha Brand W. Soccer Exercise Sport Science 3.24

San Francisco Darcy Carroll W. Volleyball Marketing 3.32

San Francisco Dominique Carter W. Basketball Accounting 3.34

San Francisco Danny Cavic M. Basketball Marketing 3.28

San Francisco Torin Ching M. Tennis Politics 3.20

San Francisco Conor Chinn M. Soccer Business Administration 3.08

San Francisco Jeremy Coupe M. Soccer Mathematics 3.26

San Francisco Chris Cunningham M. Golf Accounting 3.21

San Francisco Jessica Duty W. Soccer Business Administration 3.36

San Francisco Kristina Hall W. Soccer Architecture 3.28

San Francisco Edward Han M. Golf Accounting 3.29

San Francisco Jesse Henderson M. Soccer Entrepreneurship 3.06

San Francisco Falko Huettenberger M. Tennis Business Administration 3.42

San Francisco Hunter Jarrett M. Soccer History 3.24

San Francisco Jenny Jarvie W. Soccer Nursing 3.24

San Francisco Moses Kahalekulu M. Golf Marketing 3.23

San Francisco Alex Kalogrides Baseball Business Administration 3.35

San Francisco Justin Kendro M. Soccer Finance 3.33

San Francisco Zach Kim Baseball Business Administration 3.21

San Francisco Laurel Kleiber W. Cross Country Psychology 3.30

San Francisco Sarah Mandala W. Volleyball Exercise Sport Science 3.25

San Francisco Mylene Martin W. Tennis Media Studies 3.41

San Francisco Fiona O’Sullivan W. Soccer International Studies 3.01

San Francisco Sarah Oudomvilay W. Tennis Mathematics 3.37

San Francisco Natasha Podmore W. Golf Entrepreneurship 3.38

San Francisco Keonna Robinson W. Soccer Psychology 3.08

San Francisco Jeff Russell M. Soccer Entrepreneurship 3.10

San Francisco Jenny Sperry W. Tennis Politics 3.49

San Francisco Alaina Sully W. Volleyball Nursing 3.37

San Francisco Emma Taylor W. Tennis Exercise Sport Science 3.30

San Francisco Chase Tigert Baseball Exercise Sport Science 3.23

San Francisco Thong Tu M. Tennis Finance 3.30

San Francisco Bryan Vancura M. Soccer International Business 3.45

San Francisco Mary Verran W. Cross Country Business Administration 3.34

San Francisco Sasha Verruno W. Soccer Entrepreneurship 3.26

(list courtesy of USF Athletic Dept.)


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