Student DJ Contest Takes Over Manor West

USF DJ Tomás Krasowski took home the gold last Thursday night in the DJ competition sponsored by Red Bull, beating out fellow Don Danny Weir and four other DJs from SF State and Academy of Art University. The crowd was abuzz from the time the first set began at 10:30 through the final student set, which wrapped at about 12:45am.

The competition was simple: which ever DJ was best able to capture the most votes from the crowd was the winner. Throughout the night, each of the DJs displayed their unique talents in 15 minute sets, and when the music stopped, Krasowski was named the winner. His set featured plenty of fast paced trance and house beats, all of which perfectly captured the full attention of the crowd — of which the majority were not USF students.

Perhaps the stiffest competition he faced was from school-mate Danny Weir, who closed the competition with an eclectic set comprised of house and bass beats. As the winner, Krasowski not only walked away with a cash prize, turntable slipmats and a “Gold Record”, but he will additionally be performing at a Red Bull event in the near future.

Both Krasowski and Weir proved that they have bright futures ahead in the world of disk jockeying, and the friendship that they share made it all the more sweeter to see the two Dons receive the most praise from the energetic crowd. While it may look simple, DJing is in fact a very complicated art, and it requires careful execution to be successful.

What both USF DJs showed in their brief sets thursday night is that they are more than up to the challenge of commanding the crowd. Look for these two creative Dons to expand their names further into the DJ scene as their careers continue to grow.

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