Student Spotlight for Charity Will Mix Talent With Service

The author is an organizer of this event.

At a school filled with STEM majors, USF students in the humanities can sometimes feel as if they’re in the shadow of the tech achievements made by our Silicon Valley neighbors. The “Student Spotlight for Charity” show, produced by the Media Workshop class, seeks to alter this.

The show, which is scheduled for Nov. 19 from 7:30-9:30 p.m. on the UC fourth floor, is a display of a wide array of student achievements. It’s “a great opportunity to see the talent in your community,” said senior Alison Bennett, general talent recruiter for the show. Senior promotional director Caleb D’Oleire said, “It’s like a talent show but way cooler. All your friends and peers coming together and entertaining one another for a good cause.” The talent assembled by Bennett and her fellow recruiter, senior Sarah Armendariz, consists of musicians, poets, singers and comedians. USF’s improv team, Awkward Silence, will be making an appearance, along with films produced by students.

“You should support artists that go to our school,” added Bennett. The show indeed supports artists of all stripes.

The only cost of entry for the event is canned food or clothing items, which will be donated to St. Anthony’s, a San Francisco-based non-profit. The show’s charity manager, junior Claudia Cortez, says she hopes to collect 20 pounds of food to donate.

Often, events that showcase student talent at USF are specific to one organization or lumped into various performances that separate artists by medium and style. “Student Spotlight for Charity” does not do this; it is a full celebration of student talent that does not specify the talent that is presented.

“Any talent is welcome,” said Bennett.

Between performances, videos will be displayed promoting various student and cultural organizations, emphasizing the goal of the presentation, which is to promote art for the sake of serving a common good. The organizers of the event seek to create a show that, in addition to delivering the best of student performances and films, helps communities — providing a service that all good productions should.

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