Students May Be Able to Order Food Delivery with Dons Dollars Later this Semester

Tanya Dzekon
Staff Writer

If you’ve always wished you could spend your Dons Dollars off-campus, this semester might be your chance. USF students will soon be allowed to spend their Dons Dollars — but not their Flexi — on food delivery to campus. Jason Rossi, Director of One Card and Campus Security Systems, presented the program at last week’s Senate meeting, along with a list of potential participators, which included Nizario’s Pizza, Cinderella Bakery, and Uncle Boy’s.

“If off-campus establishments accepted Dons Dollars as payment, I would be elated,” said Ashley Scarr Hart, a junior international studies student. Scarr Hart’s parents allot a certain amount of Dons Dollars to her every semester. “The idea of being able to have more [dining] options off-campus is really appealing.”

Why else reach for your One Card instead of your credit card? “It’s one less card to carry around,” said Monica Chitre, a sophomore politics student. Chitre mentioned that she already has to bring her One Card with her because it has her Muni sticker on it, and she would deposit more Dons Dollars to her account if using them for off-campus food delivery was an option.

Rossi said that he already approached some off-campus merchants that are popular with USF students and asked them to allow students to use their Dons Dollars when ordering food delivery.

However, this program hasn’t officially been launched yet. It will be implemented sometime this semester in “pilot” mode, so One Card can work out any kinks before it’s officially announced to the USF community.

Many other universities already let their students use some form of university currency off-campus. UC Berkeley students can use their “Cal 1 Card,” the equivalent of One Card, to pay at multiple restaurants, shops, and museums off-campus.

Rossi explained that this practice has taken longer to implement at USF because our urban location makes it unique from other universities that are located in small college towns.

“San Francisco isn’t like most college towns where there is THE coffee shop or THE sandwich place,” Rossi said. “Students leave campus, get on Muni, and disappear into the city, and I can’t put a card-reader in every off-campus business.”

“I think it’s fantastic that students can use Dons Dollars at off campus restaurants! I’m glad it’s finally happening because I know other schools like St. Mary’s that already have this. I do wish they could deliver to off-campus locations, but I’ll probably still use it,” said Andrea Hill, junior communication studies major.


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