Students Should Utilize the Off-Campus Living Department

Photo courtesy of WIkimedia Commons.

On Feb. 1, the housing application opened for USF students seeking on-campus accommodations.  

USF stated on the announcement page of the housing application that, “On-campus housing for juniors and seniors will be extremely limited. Unfortunately, some students who apply for housing by the March 1st deadline will not be guaranteed a housing space for the 2023–2024 academic year.” While this information may seem daunting to those entering junior and senior year, they can be comforted by the knowledge that many students are in the same boat. Students don’t need to feel anxious over pursuing off-campus housing, as there are many tools available on-campus to ease the transition.

U.S. News reported that in fall of 2022, 45% of USF students lived in campus housing, while 55% of students lived off-campus. To assist students living off-campus, the University has a department to address their housing needs. Students should utilize the USF Off-Campus Living department in their search for housing accommodations in the city.

USF Off-Campus Living is dedicated to supporting students through the process of finding housing beyond campus, but they don’t stop there – the department will assist in mediating disputes between roommates, issues with landlords and spats with neighbors.

The department also offers a rental website where students can browse apartment listings. The website has useful information for students searching from outside of San Francisco and potential connections for students looking for roommates

International students may feel a particular nervousness looking for accommodations in a foreign country, but the University has specialized resources for them on their website.

Off-Campus Living has also published an awareness campaign around systemic racism in housing. Students from marginalized backgrounds are more likely to experience housing instability. If you feel discriminated against due to your race, sex, religion, disability status, or other identifying factors, you can file a complaint through the San Francisco Human Rights Commission or seek legal recourse through a state or federal agency.

There are several ways for students to get in touch with Off-Campus Living. Students can meet with them on Zoom or make an appointment via their appointment schedule. The department also holds weekly walk-in hours, where students can drop-by with questions. These events happen each Wednesday, 11a.m. – 3p.m. on the 5th floor of the University Center.

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