Study spots for the serious student

These study spots are located on USF’s main campus. IMAGE: USFCA. GRAPHIC BY KATE SAGARA/FOGHORN

With finals season quickly approaching, it’s never too early to start searching for that special study spot on campus where you’ll prepare to finish out the year strong. Since we know that our study environment can make all the difference, I’ll share a few of my favorite hideaways where I like to hit the books with you so you can check them out, too. Check out one (or all) of these study spots and find your study nook at USF this holiday season.

LoMo Lookout:

Grab a blanket, a sweatshirt, and some hot cocoa, because we’re heading outdoors! One isolated study spot I love is located up on Lone Mountain: a small, picturesque lookout around the right corner of Studio Theater. You can sit at one of the three green picnic benches up on this hideaway and take in the exquisite view — the San Francisco skyline glimmering through the fog and USF’s beautiful flower gardens. If you enjoy being out in nature, then this LoMo lookout might be a great place for you to pull out your laptop and type the final masterpiece that’ll get you that A+.

Del Santo Reading Room:

Let’s now venture upstairs into a magical study room in Lone Mountain: The Del Santo Reading Room (LM 270), colloquially known as “The ‘Harry Potter’ Room.” A library straight out of Hogwarts, this reading room has the perfect studious aesthetic to make you feel motivated to finish that final research project. With hardwood floors, teal leather seating, and an ambient glow radiating from scattered bookshelves, this gorgeous room provides a brief, warm escape from modernity and the chilliness outdoors.

UC 1st and 3rd Floors:

As we make our way down the mountain, you can run by the University Center (UC). The UC offers two prime study spots right in the middle of student life: the first of which is the popular first-level undercaf. With a sea of upholstered sofas surrounding a warm fireplace, USF’s undercaf is the ideal place to set up shop because of its easy access to the essentials of a study session: The Grind Down for an energy boost and the Outtakes Cafe for a late-night snack. Curl up with your notes in a comfy seat by the hearth when foot traffic is low, or spread out with your friends across a bench for a group study session. If you’re on your way up to CASA, consider settling in at the 3rd-floor Parina Lounge: a spacious hub with technological accommodations and a variety of seating arrangements. Truly having it all, you can stay in the UC from mealtime to late-night cramming time.

Kalmanovitz Amphitheatre and Liberal Arts Hall of Honor:

Now, let’s head to Kalmanovitz and sit outside in the spacious Greek Amphitheater. This multilevel stone hideaway features a heated system underneath the concrete and is a great place to feel in the presence of Shakespeare while writing your final thesis. Study nooks are scattered throughout Kalmanovitz — let’s walk inside and down the hallway to settle in at the Liberal Arts Hall of Honor. This spacious marble-floored alcove has a vast wooden table for your studies and historical displays to look at during your study breaks.

Lo Schiavo’s Getty Study:

Before making our way to the library, let’s peer into the glistening, floor-length windows of Lo Schiavo’s Getty Study, which has a fireplace and comfortable couches. A sophisticated study spot to keep you cozy and focused, this nook with a view of Gleeson Plaza will make you feel right at home in the weeks before you return for break.

Gleeson Library:

As we make our last stop, let’s take a look at one of the study zone maps posted throughout the library. With “Silent,” “Quiet,” and “Conversation” study zones clearly designated on each floor, the Gleeson Library accommodates every type of student at USF by providing an organized, expansive hub for settling in and getting the job done. Also, take advantage of one of the building’s 29 private study rooms available for reservation through the Gleeson website, and make sure to reserve them before they fill up closer to finals! 

Best of luck with finishing the semester strong!

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