Summer Changes at USF Will Increase Student Involvement

The University of San Francisco saw many structural changes, both physical and administrative, this summer.

New and returning students alike arrived on campus last week to find a redesigned cafeteria, a complete reconstruction of the University Center’s fourth and fifth floors and a new system of organization for student involvement. Times are certainly changing at USF and the Foghorn Staff is confident that these changes will help to create a more stimulating environment for USF students.

The cafeteria was closed during June and July, as a team of construction workers remodeled all aspects of the University Center’s second floor.

The cafeteria has been transformed from a somewhat inefficient and enclosed structure to an open and modern restaurant-style format. The space is now more than just a cafeteria– it is a great place for students to meet, socialize and hold events.

The fourth floor of University Center is now home to the Student Leadership and Engagement office, as well as offices for student organizations. The move to the fourth floor will most likely help make organizations like ASUSF, The Graphics Center, The Foghorn, USFtv and the Intercultural Center more visible as student resources.

The Foghorn also believes that this consolidation of student-run organizations and meeting spaces will help to increase student involvement, in addition to offering brand new equipment and furniture for all USF students.

The fifth floor of University Center has been remodeled to create a new space for International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) and the brand new Office of Student Development. Former Associate Dean Peter Novak is now the vice provost of Student Development and is working to create more synergy between university life and academics.

The Foghorn staff is excited for Vice Provost Novak’s dedication to student activities and the emphasis he is placing on campus unity.

The Office of Student Development will surely widely benefit the student population at USF, and, at the very least, vastly increase the desire for students to become involved on campus.

The Foghorn staff has already noticed a spark of enthusiasm from USF students, faculty and staff this semester and we are anxious to see that enthusiasm spread throughout the community.

For students who were unaware of the changes this summer, now is the time to get involved and experience the incredible opportunities USF has to offer you.

Editor-in-Chief: Heather Spellacy
Chief Copy-Editor: Burke McSwain
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