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Campus Chic: Booties Cross All Style Borders

Take a look at how USF students are rocking booties this season

Campus Chic: Quirky, Pop Culture Influenced Style

For Campus Chic Scene Editor Melissa Baron mixes her tomboy interests and girly fashion taste.

Campus Chic: Valeria Vital Channels the 90’s

Rocking Dr. Martens she bought when she was 15, Valeria Vital looks grunge chic.

Campus Chic: Suave and Sophisticated Irigoyen

Erick Irigoyen dishes about classy designer goods and looking fabulous on Campus Chic.

Campus Chic: Bissonnette’s Casual Skater Style

Putting practicality over style, Evan Bissonnette rocks a cool, skater look.

Campus Chic: Thrifty Rocker Judith Rothman-Pierce

With unique thrifted duds and flashy jewelry, Judith Rothman has a style all her own.

Campus Chic: Theology Professor Mark Miller’s Thrifty Style

In a Campus Chic first, a professor shows off his style! Affordably fashionable Mark Miller gives the lowdown on his duds.

Who is Mark Miller?

Who is Mark Miller? from San Francisco Foghorn on Vimeo.

Campus Chic: Bharat Sharma Brings GQ Style to USF

Stylish USF Media Studies student Bharat Sharma brings classic and timeless menswear to campus.

Campus Chic: Back to School Fashion