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The Story Behind The Inauguration Clothing

Ian Scullion  Contributing Writer During his inauguration ceremonies this week, University of San Francisco President the Rev. Paul Fitzgerald will wear his academic robes from the...

Campus Chic: Bissonnette’s Casual Skater Style

Putting practicality over style, Evan Bissonnette rocks a cool, skater look.

Plan A Stylish and Functional Outdoor Festival Wardrobe

Don't know how to dress for summer outdoor music festivals? Layers, bike shorts and mini backpacks are just some of the essentials.

Style File: Learn How to Become a Layer Player

The Style File gives the basics for layering in San Francisco's constantly changing weather.

Campus Chic: The Foghorn Checks Out Who’s Stylin’ Around Campus

This week Campus Chic gets the scoop on Nick Votow's ranch ready fashion.

Style File: Depression Chic

Turning on the evening news is not a mood elevator these days. Doom and gloom have seeped into our minds when it comes to...

Campus Chic

Jenny Williams, 19 English student Maybe it was the warm weather that had USF swarming with fashionable individuals last Thursday. Jenny Williams was one of the...