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Cons Of The Gluten-Free Trend: What To Consider Before Trying It

Courtney Becker Contributing Writer Ever thought about going Gluten-Free? As the trend grows rapidly in the United States, (with the market size increasing from $2.3 billion...

Expand Possibilities, Not Your Waistline

Obesity. We all recognize the word that has been splashed across newspapers and television screens for the past decade, but  do we ever stop...

Frankensalmon: Fresh From the Lab to Your Plate

  A swarm of hate mail is piling up at the laboratory of AquaBounty Technologies, who will soon unleash their Frankensalmon into the consumer marketplace....

Get Jiggy with Juice: The Hype on Juice Cleansing

Staff Writer Cora Sivak investigates the hype on juice cleansing      San Francisco is one of the few cities that are invested in well-being and...

How Not To Gain the Freshman Fifteen….Without Ever Setting Foot in...

We’ve all heard of the horror that is the Freshman Fifteen, and we all spending some extra time in Koret is usually the best...

5 Tips to Keep Fighting the Freshman 15 at USF

Our own news editor delivers the top tips on how to BE and STAY fit at USF!

Smokers Resist Using Designated Areas

Complying with the on-campus smoking policy is a problem, which is meant to encourage non-smoking and prevent second-hand smoke.

Health Clinic Provides Swine Flu Vaccine to High-Risk Students

One hundred H1N1 vaccines were administered to USF students at St. Mary’s Medical Center on Nov. 6.

Use Alternatives to Deceiving Health Foods

Columnist Mimi Honeycutt uncovers five commonly misleading foods while offering alternatives. Mimi Honeycutt is a freshman media studies major.

Health Corner: Allergy Season is Upon Us

Allergy season is starting up and this is bad news for everyone with allergies. Here’s Nick’s tips on how to deal with allergy season.