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Melissa’s Mix Tape: Songs for the Holidays

Listen to all the best songs for the season on this week's mix tape.

Style File: Gifts for All on Your List

Need ideas for those hard to please friends and family? We know just what they want.

Geek Squad: Gifts for Your Gamer

Staff nerd Jonny Hechema shares the games he looks forward to this holiday season.

Indie Mart Madness

Buy local gifts for everyone on your list at Indie Mart at the Independent.

Sparkling Seasonal Soiree Style

Don't know what to wear for your holiday party this year? The Style File knows how to help you sparkle.

USF Celebrates Jewish Passover, Raises Questions about Human Rights

Why was Monday night unlike all other nights at the University of San Francisco? In McLaren Hall, the soft murmur of hesitant, reverent chanting could be heard, punctuated by the serious voice of Rabbi Lee Bycel. Around a hundred people had gathered to mark USF’s first annual Passover Seder, which sought to draw attention to the oppression and genocide of the Darfuri people.

Students Sacrifice Chocolate, Cigarettes for Lent

Easter Sunday marked the end of Lent, when many Catholics choose to abstain from a guilty pleasure for 40 days to pay homage to the sacrifice they believe Jesus made for them. At USF, many choose to follow this tradition for spiritual reasons or simply as a personal test of character.

Melissa’s Mix Tape

This week's mixtape is for the big holiday weekend coming up. It's for relaxing around family or to throw on after cooking a big Easter or Passover meal.

Matzo Mayhem

Scene editor Melissa Baron celebrates the Jewish holiday Passover by sharing her two favorite matzo snacks.

Holiday Optimism Prevails Despite Economic Downturn

  On November 23, the Pier 39 Christmas tree, standing 65 feet tall and adorned with 400 glistening ornaments, 500 bows and 2,000 twinkling LED...