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Queer Alliance Campaigns for All Gender Housing at USF

Stephanie Casey Contributing Writer A proposal campaigning for an all gender floor in the Phelan Residence Hall has yet to be decided upon by the university...

The LGBT Community Shares Their Coming Out Stories

National Coming Out Day was on Thursday October 12th, a national holiday celebrated throughout the world honoring the difficult process of coming out of...

LGBT Students Share Coming Out Experiences at Open Mic Night

Coming out of the closet is many things: a political act, a personal story, a rite of passage...and a holiday? National Coming Out Day...

Being Queer on a Catholic Campus

As part of National Coming Out Week, University Ministry teamed with Queer Alliance and the Gender & Sexuality Center to host a forum exploring what it means to be a queer student and faculty member on a Catholic Campus.

Coming Out Is Crucial For LGBT Community

Emily Turner explains why "coming out" is so important in the LGBT community.