Letter: 3/29 Article on Protest Law Misused Upward Bound Photos

A repsonse to article “Protestors Restricted by Congress”

Protesters Restricted by Congress

"the protection of civil liberties is not a major interest to Congress." Obama signs a bill…

Upward Bound Improves Presence on Campus

The February announcement that USF administrators would not renew Upward Bound’s federal grant triggered the development…

Foghorn Staff Has a Final Word on Protests

The Foghorn reflects on the real impact of recent public displays of opinion on campus and…

USF Back on Board with Upward Bound, Search is on for Off-Campus Locations

USF agrees to allow college-prep program to stay four days after community's second protest

Second Protest Revisits Upward Bound Issue: Demonstrators urge University leaders to continue sponsorship

Chants to "Keep Around Upward Bound" were heard throughout the School of Education in a police-escorted…

Protesters March for Upward Bound: Demonstrators circle St. Ignatius Church to support program continuation

Over two hundred demonstrators circle St. Ignatius Church to support program continuation

Students Must Continue to Address Both On-Campus and Global Issues

The Foghorn Staff sees this week's increase in student activism on a wide range of issues…

Community Denounces Upward Bound Removal

USF faculty and Upward Bound members express frustration and anger at town hall meeting

Upward Bound Removal Unjust to Poor

Ernest Chen speaks on the removal of the Upward Bound program