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Violence, Venezuela and Toilet Paper

While the world has been fixated on the Ukrainian protests in Kiev against the corrupt Ukrainian leadership and burgeoning Russian hegemonic aspirations, there has...

Campus resident mugged at gunpoint, students not notified

A student and resident of Loyola Village was mugged at gun point at approximately 1:30 a.m. on Sept. 7. According to the Department of...

Between the Microphone and the AK-47: Journalists Share Risks of the...

Journalist Carlos Henriquez Consalvi, most commonly recognized by the pseudonym “Santiago,” visited USF at the beginning of April.

SOA Dinner Highlights Annual Trip

The School of the Americas Watch student organization held a dinner last Friday to raise awareness on the controversial School of the Americas.

ROTC Cadets Receive More Sexual Harassment Training Than Other Organizations

The Rape Is Not an Isolated Incident forum decided to create a space for the USF community to come together in an open dialogue and talk about the issue of sexual violence on campus. The intention of the forum was to allow concerned citizens to speak on whatever they wanted to and in whatever format. One of the main topics of discussion was concerning the Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) program at USF which has received a lot of criticism.