Tahoe Shredders Update

It’s no secret that this winter has been one of the worst snow years in Lake Tahoe’s recent history. In fact, according to the weather patterns of the late 1900’s and early 2000’s, it hasn’t been this bad in decades. However, this does not mean that the snowboarders and skiers of the Bay Area should give up on the coming late-spring snowfalls, it just means that we must wisely pick and choose where we shred when headed up to the mountains.

So far, Kirkwood, Diamond Peak, and Boreal certainly have the most snow, with bases over 40 inches at Kirkwood and Diamond Peak and 35 inches at Boreal. So it would definitely be wise to ride those places when heading up, since it has not snowed in the past couple days. However, Squaw Valley and Heavenly are certainly boasting the most terrain available for some of you expert skiers and snowboarders. Regardless of the lack of snowfall, Tahoe is definitely still alive this winter. I was just up at Heavenly last weekend, and the mix of casinos and barhopping at night, after sunny days on the mountain with good people made for one of the best weekend trips I’ve had in the past couple years.

Now, according to the weather, a recent dump this last weekend and plans for more snow this Sunday-Monday night have allowed many resorts to record the largest snowfall totals this season. My guess is that we are going to be witnessing a late winter, with more snow and powder-days in the weeks to come.

As for where to go, if there is an end-of-the-week snowfall, make sure to get over to Kirkwood or Squaw Valley for some of the best off-piste terrain in Tahoe. Their tree-runs and glades are some of the best that this part of the country has to offer; especially with all the areas that Squaw has in between its 100+ runs. Kirkwood is my second favorite resort for powder-days, because not only does it have incomparable terrain, but it does not get as crowded as any of the main-resorts. If you don’t want to wait over 30 minutes in chairlift lines and want to take as many untouched runs after an epic snowfall, I would highly suggest making your way over to Kirkwood.

For you park riders and people who love amazing views from the resorts – don’t look anywhere else but Heavenly or Northstar, with some of the best lookouts toward Lake Tahoe and millions of “Kodak opportunities”. In addition, with Snow Park Technologies (SPT) Parks sponsoring both resorts, I can assure you that the mix of beginner, intermediate, and advanced terrain park riding will be the best that Tahoe has to offer this season. Squaw will be soon to follow suite, as they also just picked up SPT Parks as a sponsor this year.

More information will be soon to follow in the upcoming issues. Hopefully with new snowfall on the way we’ll all be able to get up to the mountains in the next week or two for the beginning of the spring season. Just remember, regardless of the snow amount, we all love skiing and snowboarding and we’ll all miss it more and more as the summer comes; so get your gear together and get up there!

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