Teen Daze Takes Over the Rickshaw Stop

Emily Miller
Contributing Writer

Picture yourself locked in a trance, swaying side to side and gazing out along the tightly-packed, sold out crowd as you listen to the sweet cosmic sounds produced by Teen Daze emanating from the stage. Amongst indie-pop bands Joywave and Heavenly Beats, Teen Daze definitely stood out that night, casting a spell over the crowd as he performed songs that evoked a sense of euphoria and child-like wonder.

Performing songs from his new album, “Morning World”, Teen Daze lived up to his name as he put the whole crowd into a daze with his nostalgic, synthesized melodies and colorful upbeat rhythms. Jamison, a Vancouver native, has been the driving force behind Teen Daze since 2010. While he originally started as a solo artist, for his latest album he’s employed the help of a full band to produce a psychedelic indie-rock sound, straying away from his techno roots.

Travelling to San Francisco to create the new album, Jamison was able to record it in only 10 days with the help of producer John Vanderslice, stating “This is not a record that I made at home, and you can tell. This is truly the sound of me working through the events in my life that needed to be worked through.” “Morning World” is by far his most effortless album yet, however it is also his most thoughtful and natural, free from the constraints and burden of style.

In all of his previous albums, Teen Daze employed more of a chillwave sound, using synthesized, dance-type melodies, producing a sound similar to Com Truise. However, in “Morning World”, Jamison steers away from simply creating music on a laptop in his bedroom and moves to a recording studio, where he picks up multiple instruments in order to produce his best album yet. This album sounds almost nothing like his previous material, the only thing remaining is his affinity for fluttery, ambient songwriting. For example, the songs “Pink” and “It Starts at the Water” are led by bass and guitar indie rock, however they still employ cloudy electronic undertones.

Teen Daze is opening himself up to a new genre. His synthesized melodies still remain, however now they are accompanied by guitar, live drums, and even a cello (as seen on the track “Valley of Gardens”). Jamison’s voice is now more distinct in his songs as well; it’s no longer used as another instrument, but rather allows his lyrics to be a centerpiece in his songs.

Jamison captivates audiences, both live and just simply through his music, delivering material that is both very personal and raw. Teen Daze’s latest album, “Morning Daze” is currently available for purchase. Upon purchasing the album, prepare to set sail for full daydream as you listen to its soothing, blissful tracks.

Photo courtesy of Racquel Gonzales/Foghorn


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