Ten Percent Enrollment Growth by 2022


On October 12, USF discussed the Institutional Master Plan (IMP), which analyzed the IMP Team’s strategies for controlling the desired student enrollment increase.

According to Provost and Academic Vice President Jennifer Turpin, the University submits an IMP every ten years that requires approval from San Francisco officials. It informs the city about what USF intends to do on campus and in the community over the coming decade.

Deemed a “cornerstone” of the master plan, enrollment growth and management strategies were addressed as the team’s goals. The IMP team intends to increase student enrollment by no more than one percent every academic year for the next ten years.

“Rather than focusing on our historic strategy, the University has been interested in growing enrollment here every year on the Hilltop campus because we have the capacity to do that,” Turpin said. With more students, the IMP hopes to strengthen USF’s identity as the city’s university. USF plans to utilize off-campus and study away programs, branch campuses and the Internet to build the University’s budget. Graduate programs traditionally held on the main campus will be moved to new sites located in the city. For example, graduate business students will take classes in the newly acquired Folger Coffee Building located in downtown on 101 Howard St.

“We’ll be doing this with similar kinds of programming that we can go out into the city in ways that serve the students more effectively, serve the city more effectively, and allow [USF] to grow,” Turpin said. Branch campuses would also provide the same services and opportunities.
The University will also implement a more rigorous study away curriculum, such as an immersion program to transform the city’s underdeveloped neighborhoods into educational sites. Turpin said this would allow students to take advantage of the city’s learning resources while providing more space for additional students.

Also, USF is progressively entering the online degree market for graduate professional programs. The School of Nursing and Health Professions will be launching the online Master of Science in nursing degree program in January 2012. The School of Management will follow with an online public administration degree program six months after.

The IMP expects to improve student orientation by creating a primary arrival entrance and visitor center on the Lone Mountain Campus and a secondary arrival entrance on Parker Street in the area between St. Ignatius Church and Fromm Hall.

In addition, the IMP proposed more student housing buildings to accommodate enrollment growth. These structures will also function as recreational and study areas to provide a better “mix of uses” of campus buildings. The IMP Team is considering to build the housing buildings on Lone Mountain.
As of this fall semester, USF has 8,731 on-campus undergraduate and graduate students. By the 2022 academic year, USF plans to have about 9,600 students.

For more information about the IMP, e-mail eemiles@usfca.edu.

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