The Five Most Slept-On Parts of Campus

Heading into the final month of school, you may feel like you’ve got USF down to a science. You’ve been everywhere on our tiny campus… or so it seems. And yet, if you look hard enough, there are still some USF gems we bet you didn’t know existed: resources for school, life, entertainment and inspiration you walk over and past without even realizing it. As you charge the home stretch to finals, here are the most (figuratively) slept-on spots around campus that you probably shouldn’t (literally) sleep on.


3D Printer

Is the cafeteria out of utensils? Print yourself a fork! Gleeson’s Academic Innovation Lab, GL236, is home to a Series Pro 1000, which is capable of molding multiple materials and colors. You can sign up for a demo online or create your own design, scan it and watch it be made via a process called Additive Manufacturing.


Meditation Room

Tranquility. The meditation room next to University Ministry is dark, quiet and peaceful. By no means limited to Catholic spirituality, this space is for all who need a spot to go and sit quietly. The room is decorated with bells, cushions, prayer rugs, books, a couple of ornate hanging lights and nothing else. It is the ideal spot to go to be alone with your mind or faith. You can find it by the tree on the doors, just across from the entrance to the undercaf.   


Rare Book Room

The Donahue Rare Book Room is a library within a library. Tucked away beside the old printing press on the third floor of Gleeson Library, its double doors open up to a host of ancient and some one-of-a-kind pieces of literature for students’ reference and enjoyment. Dark wooden walls and tables and a classical sculpture next to glass bookcases appear to have been transported from Hogwarts and offer yet another nook to explore for those willing to seek it out.


Ricci Institute

The Ricci Institute is a world-renown research center for the exchange of Chinese and Jesuit Western art in the 16th through 19th centuries. Housed in the back of the Del Santo Reading Room on the second floor of Lone Mountain, the Institute holds old photographs, woodblock prints, maps and painted scrolls that are beautifully preserved. These artifacts offer a window into Orientalism, clashes between cultures and, ultimately, cultural exchanges from hundreds of years ago in various art forms.


Racquetball courts in Koret

The weight rooms, the dance studios and the martial arts studios are all familiar doors of Koret’s fitness basement. But across the bridge and into an often-forgotten wing where perhaps only PASJ dance minors ever venture are USF’s very own racquetball courts. To use, you can drop in, or simply make a reservation online, then pick up your rackets and balls at the equipment desk. Racquetball is a proven stress relief and an alternative cardio workout to any of the machines in the gym.


Napping Couch on UC Fourth Floor

Okay, we lied. This is a spot where you can literally sleep (and it’s the supreme napping spot).


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