The Foghorn’s Election Guide

Read below to see what came from election day and what the Hilltop thinks about it. All results are taken from the San Francisco Department of Elections and the California Secretary of State’s Office

Notable Statewide Races 

U.S. Senate (Full Term)

Incumbent Alex Padilla (D) kept his seat with 60.5% of the vote, beating out Republican challenger Mark Meuser. 


Incumbent Gavin Newsom (D) was reelected for his second term in office, with 58.2% of the statewide vote.

“I feel like Newsom being re-elected was the right choice mainly because he was pushing for the protection of abortion patients as well as reproductive rights. I feel like his stance on those issues stood out to me a lot compared to other people who seemed to care more about money and businesses rather than the fundamental rights of the people. I hope that California politics follows his lead in advocating for the basic medical rights for all.”

Jillian Nixon, fourth-year biology major

Lieutenant Governor 

Incumbent Eleni Kounalakis (D) was reelected, after being the first woman to hold the position in her first term. 

Attorney General

Incumbent Rob Bonta (D) was reelected with 57.9% of the vote.  

Secretary of State 

Incumbent Shirely Weber (D) was reelected. 


Malia Cohen (D) won against GOP nominee Lanhee Chen with 54.8% of the vote.

Notable Local Races

U.S. House of Representatives, District 11

Nancy Pelosi will continue another term as Speaker of the House, winning 83.2% of the vote. 

District Attorney 

Breed-appointee Brooke Jenkins (D) won against former police commissioner John Hamasaki, with 54.04% of the vote. In ranked-choice voting, a candidate must have 50%+1 votes to gain the title, according to the department of elections.   

“Jenkins is politically supported in San Francisco, but she seems a little more on the conservative side of the democratic party. She seems to be providing more topical solutions. I think there needs to be another office to deal with the root problems before the DA would step in. I hope Jenkins does community outreach to see what the general public wants to happen, and listens to people affected by these issues.”

Celeste Baird, third-year international studies major 

Supervisor, District 4

Incumbent Gordon Mar (D) faces challenger Joel Engardio (D), who is currently in the lead with 51.02% of the vote, but as not all votes have been counted no candidate has been named. 

Supervisor, District 6

Breed-appointed Matt Dorsey (D) faces Honey Mahogany (D), the head of the SF Democratic Party. Dorsey leads the race by 9.5%. 

Statewide Propositions 

Proposition 1

Passed. The right to abortion is legally enshrined in Constitution of the state of California. 

“I was really devastated when Roe v. Wade was overturned. So I’m glad that California is taking steps to make sure that abortion is protected.”

Cat Young, First-Year Advertising Major 

Propositions 26 & 27

Failed. Gambling will not be permitted inside or outside state tribal lands. 

Proposition 28

Passed. Arts and music education in K-12 public schools will receive more funding. 

Proposition 29

Failed. State funds will not increase to provide for medical professionals at dialysis clinics. 

Proposition 30

Failed. The state will not tax those whose personal income is above $2 million, to fund programs to increase air pollution and wildfire prevention. 

Proposition 31

Passed. California has banned flavored tobacco products. 

Local Propositions 

Proposition C 

Passed. Creates a Homeless Oversight Commission to oversee the Department of Homelessness and Supportive Housing.

Propositions D & E

Affordable Housing Rejected.

“Affordable housing needs to be streamlined. I was never very well versed in city planning and what that meant for housing developments until city planners visited my sustainable design class. Even as a student, looking for housing can be very challenging and a streamline of new developments will help future students and underrepresented groups seeking to move to SF.”

Keeley Palon, third-year environmental science major

Proposition F

Passed. SF Public Library hours increased and more funding available for the libraries. 

Proposition G

Passed. Additional funding is given to the San Francisco Unified School District for the next 15 years. 

Proposition J 

JFK Drive and the Great Highway will remain open to pedestrians. 

Proposition M

Passed. The city will increase a tax on owners of vacant residential units.

Proposition O

Failed. An additional tax on property owners will not be induced to support City College. 

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