The Foghorn’s Five to Try: Places to Stalk Robin Williams

Photo Illustration by Melissa Stihl/Foghorn
Photo Illustration by Melissa Stihl/Foghorn

The year was 1991 when I was introduced to the genius that is Robin Williams. Ever since I saw him on the big screen in “Hook” at the age of three it has been my favorite film of all time, and Robin (yes, we are on a first name basis) has been my main obsession.  The obsession continued when I was in Kindergarten and saw him in “Mrs. Doubtfire” and gleefully watched him on “Mork and Mindy” thanks to Nick at Nite.  I never understood those who didn’t find Robin to be one of the most beautiful hairy creatures on this earth, but he is,  no doubt, and I know exactly where to find him.  That’s right, Robin is easily accessible and I behold the list to all his hangouts.  So go forth and stalk!

1. Green Apple Bookstore (506 Clement )

That’s right, Robin is a literary man.  I was in here once wearing my Mork from Ork shirt and the cashier said, “I like your shirt.  You know, Robin shops here!” The cashier then pointed to a newspaper clipping they had with a picture of Robin and a quote about how in love with Green Apple he is.  I continue to frequent Green Apple for a great selection of novels and the potential to run into Robin.

2. Jack’s (2260 Chestnut)

I used to work at this men’s boutique in the Marina and Robin was a costumer from time to time.  Sadly, I was never there the days he came in.  It was a tragedy, I know.  The only famous person I ever sold a sweater to was some dude named Barry Zito. I don’t even know him.  Apparently he plays baseball.

3. The Koret Health & Recreation Center

When I was a senior in high school touring this fair university my tour guide told me Robin was a member of the gym.  And that is the reason I am now at USF.  I have yet to see him at the gym, but I am waiting.

4. Blockbuster on Geary (5240 Geary)

USF alum Lulu McAllister saw Robin at this exact Blockbuster and actually spoke to the man. She gave him a gumball.

5. Alpine Meadows, Lake Tahoe

You may have to travel a bit (four hour drive) but this is the only place I have actually ever seen Robin.  I met Robin in the Alpine Meadows parking lot in 1997.  He had just completed a day of snowboarding and was bundled up in the proper attire and a full beard.  It was my mother (Deon Schildhause) who recognized him, and I did not believe it was him at first.  We stopped to talk with Robin for a bit, then he got in his car, waved and said, “Goodbye Chloe,” and my life was complete at that point.

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