The Juice Is Loose

Orenthal James Simpson, a man who is 70 years of age, is free yet again. OJ Simpson was released from a Las Vegas prison on Oct. 1 after serving nine years of his possible 33-year sentence. OJ Simpson was being held in prison for kidnapping and robbery in a Las Vegas hotel in 2007.


“I’ve done my time. I’ve done it as well and as respectfully as, I think, anyone can,” OJ Simpson during this hearing. “I’m not a guy who lived a criminal life. I’m a pretty straight shooter…I’ve always thought I’ve been pretty good with people, and I’ve basically spent a conflict-free life.”

Because Simpson’s 33-year sentence is long for a crime of this magnitude; many believe it’s a “make-up” sentence for his 1995 acquittal of a double homicide of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman. OJ Simpson was then found liable for their deaths in civil court.


Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi went onto Fox News Network Sunday morning to share that she does not want OJ Simpson to live in Florida. Bondi says that she understands that she does not have the power to stop Simpson from living in Florida. Blodi promised that if he does move to Florida, the court system will be very strict with Simpson’s parole terms.


Bondi has told residences of Florida to take as many pictures of Simpson as they can because she wants to see if he is breaks his parole terms. OJ Simpson has been in jail since the release of the iPhone. Because this is the first time that OJ Simpson will be free in a world filled with social media, he must be very careful while going out in public,.


Simpson has said that he wants to live in Florida with his family and enjoy the simplicities of life. During his last few days in prison, Simpson said that he does not want to be in the spotlight any longer and would rather spend time with his family who he has not seen since his sentence. OJ Simpson still owes roughly $33 million dollars to the victims’ families.


If OJ Simpson does get a job, he might not be able to keep a majority of the money that he makes. Many former football players, who had the status of OJ Simpson, take up broadcasting or commentating games; however, with Simpson’s widespread discomfort, this is not really an option. Additionally, the discomfort of OJ Simpson will most likely take the possibility of acting out of the conversation. After being acquitted, Simpson wrote  a successful book, “If I Did It,” about his side of the 1994 case. Soon after its publication, the Goldman family successfully sued for all of the money made. If Simpson tried to write again, the Goldman family might attempt to sue him yet again. OJ Simpson is still receiving a pension from the NFL and a personal pension fund that he invested in years ago. In addition, OJ Simpson is now finally free and over the age of 65, meaning he will start receiving Social Security payments.


OJ Simpson’s employment would entirely be a time-consumer, since most, if not all, of the money that he makes will go straight towards the $33.5 million he owes Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman’s family. OJ Simpson has said that he wants to spend all of his time either with his family or playing golf. He might possibly become good enough to participate in amature golf tournaments.


The Juice is loose.


Featured Photo: Orenthal James Simpson testifies during his Parole Hearing in July. Jason Bean.


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