The San Francisco Foghorn v.117

For our first issue of the year, we at the Foghorn have decided to share each of our ambitions for the 117th volume of our publication.

Katherine Na, Editor in Chief:

This year, I want to do right by this incredible paper’s legacy by continuing to move it forward. This will include continuing to prioritize the Foghorn’s print edition while also expanding our online content and continuing to explore different mediums of reporting and storytelling, such as through the FogPod and our partnership with USFtv — all while maintaining our tradition of investigative journalism. 

Hayley Burcher, Managing Editor: 

In my last year at the Foghorn, I want to make sure that we take as many (calculated!) risks as we can, and that we put effort into making each section/element of the paper the best it can be. When people look at Volume 117, I hope that the passion we put into each page is undeniable.

Izzie Hallock, News Editor: 

I am more than ready to be the Foghorn’s news editor. I will shape the news section to ensure that all students and faculty are heard. I believe the Foghorn is such an integral part of the USF community, and I strive to reflect its importance by producing a diverse news section each and every issue.

Kate Sagara, Scene Editor: 

I want the scene section to continue to be a fun and engaging section where you can find out about events, people, and opportunities around campus. I also want to expand the section to include events near campus, since we are the “university of the greatest city in the world!”

Kalan K. Birnie, Sports Editor: 

Our challenge is to find the middle ground between remaining static as an institution and over-transforming at the risk of losing our identity. I hope to bring our community timely and accurate coverage of the Dons. USF Athletics does not get much coverage from most outlets, so it falls on us to be our readers’ eyes and ears when they cannot be there themselves. 

Sarah Hinton, Opinion Editor:

This year, my goal is to reach out to people who may feel underrepresented or invisible at USF and give them the chance to share their voices in the Foghorn, as one of my favorite things about being in college is that we can learn from each other.

Miles Herman, Layout Editor: 

My goal is to have a whole bunch of fun. 

Ethan Tan, Copy Editor: 

As copy editor, I want to continue to maintain the accuracy and readability of the newspaper. Last year, I also got to break multiple investigative news stories, and I hope to continue to bring the same level of hard-hitting journalism. Lastly, I want to also explore new mediums in order to bring Foghorn investigations to a new level.

Vincent Balgemino, Photo Editor: 

As the photo editor, my goal is to strengthen the community of photographers and cultivate a culture that is fun, engaging, and fulfilling. Having a sense of community with people who have a shared interest in photography is very important to me, and I want to reinforce that atmosphere by hosting potential bonding events/workshops, photo walks, photo critiques, etc.

Amie Lu, Social Media Editor:

When I transferred to USF in 2017, I was lucky to be a part of the Foghorn as a freelancer. With senior year finally here, I’m excited to continue helping the team further ways of ensuring that the stories told are heard, along with making new connections with those on campus. 

Haley Keizur, Online Editor: 

This year I hope to see the Foghorn continue to grow as a reliable and accurate source for students and the greater community. I look forward to watching the staff improve as journalists and as people as we challenge ourselves to hold USF accountable. I intend on digging deeper into the issues that affect our community and providing a voice to all students.

Julian E.J. Sorapuru, General Reporter:

This year, I hope that we can be an even greater resource to students. I want people to be excited to read each and every edition and to feel as if they have a firm grasp on what is happening at our University. All the hard work we do is in service and pursuit of the truth; I just want everyone to access it.


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