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Addysen Trumper: Style File December

Looking back at the catwalk over the last few decades, an incredibly accurate history lesson is printed on the garments of yore.  While dress hems were on the rise during the late twenties, the economy was plummeting and the cost of textiles became more expensive. It only made economic sense that women’s wear required less fabric. In the eighties, women wore suits with exaggerated shoulders and waists to make a strong impression. In this century women are more comfortable with their bodies and don’t find the need to hide behind clothing. This fall and winter, top designers have provided us with styles that mirror the modern media, the existing economy, and the contemporary attitude of women. Trend dressing is not designed to damage the collegiate pocketbook. Three styles in mode this season can be achieved by creatively stitching together your own look.

Country life seems to move more slowly and beauty is found in unexpected places. While many Americans have lost this ideal, designers such as Dolce and Gabbana and Badgley Mischka have brought the country to the city and inserted the simplicity that we have lost into fashion. Taste life in the country and try colors such as oranges, reds and grays while sporting checks, tweeds, faux fur and of course plaids. Take the San Francisco city life by storm by working knee level pants (Held Over on Haight: price varies) layered on primary colored tights (Urban Outfitters: 2 for $20) with a strong structured jacket (Forever 21: $27.84, Gingham Zip Up Jacket) and top it off with a dramatic wide brim hat (shop vintage for great prices and unique flair). Take advantage of your classic denim and layering skills with this trend. Good faux fur can be tricky to track down. Try to avoid the common scraggly stole when it looks like it has been through the washer a few times. Check out online at for the grey faux fur stole that is just dramatic enough for $79.50.  ‘Yee-Haw’!

For all you super women strutting around campus this is an opportunity to  kick some fashion butt. Half of this trend is found in attitude while cape and skin-tight clothing is not required. Look to the runways of Krystol Strozyna and Jens Laugesen to find heroine inspiration. Work a flat over-the-knee boot in a funky color such as blue (DSW: $99.95, Penny Loves Kenny Fortune Suede Boot) over rubber shine black leggings (American Apparel: $42.00, Lamé Black Shinny Legging) paired with a billowy, long top to create a more proportioned look (Forever 21: $12.80, Kadee Knit Top). Don’t forget your badge of honor by replacing your statement necklace with a shiny brooch (Forever 21: $4.80, Teardrop Brooch). If you want to achieve this trend while going out at night, try sleek hair and a simple dress that makes you feel like wonder woman accessorized with lots of bling. Superheroes may live a secret life, but to pull off this look you must embrace your own super powers and find your heroine strengths.

Texture can be your greatest friend when it comes to dressing for winter weather. There is no better way to pull off this look than to incorporate flowers, leaves, feathers and rich foliage items. This trend is for the those who adored the floral trend this past spring and summer and now focus on the styles of Christian Lacroix and Burberry Prorsum. Carry your floral pieces over to winter by layering them with thermals, textured coats and tights, and a feminine attitude. Focus on rich jewel tone floral pieces (Old Navy: $29.50, Floral Satin Top), feminine knee-length puffy coats (Target: $49.99, Mossimo Walking Puffer Cement), feather accessories (make your own to match your own hair and dramatic flair at Mendel’s Far Out Fabrics & Art Supplies on Haight), multiple strands of pearls for a statement and a single strand for a classic look (Forever 21: $8.80), and spoil yourself with a cheaper version of cashmere by buying a cashmere/wool blend cardigan (J.Crew: $98.00). Play with your make-up routine by trying a nude lip, rosy cheeks, or colorful eye shadows. If you tend to be an ice queen in the winter season, this is your chance to enjoy a little wild whimsy frolicking in the fashion garden.

Lastly, don’t forget these tips that are simple, but imperative for those looking to save their budgets. With the exception of a few solid and durable outerwear pieces, try to buy items that can transfer from winter to summer. Layering is a smart idea in the winter, not just because of the cold weather, but because you can reuse the individual pieces in the spring and summer.  Just today I saw a girl with the very same Old Navy denim vest on that I was wearing and we had two completely different styles going on. I was rather excited to see that my vest was so versatile!
I hope to see all you country folk, super women and feminine divas out and about on campus! Oh, and happy holiday dressing!

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