The USF Uniform

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Illustration by Rieko Whitfield

11 thoughts on “The USF Uniform

  1. I wouldn’t say it’s a uniform. I don’t recall a majority of students catering to the hipster look, nor see much dudes sporting facial hair or cut-off shorts. There’s no girls with feature extensions or denim shorts and tights either.

  2. I agree and disagree. The girls’ style is pretty much spot on for most. Though I have seen my fair share of girls who don’t sport this look. And if they don’t sport hipster clothes, then they tend to wear some variation of the feather extensions. Unfortunately, it’s what seems to be popular. :/ (To those who take offense, this only my opinion. It personally is not my kind of style, but I have no problem with others wearing what they like. Hey it’s a free country right?) As for the boys…I’m going to have to disagree. A majority of guys don’t sport this look, unless if you are in the art department, then almost ALL the guys there wear this stuff!

  3. Thanks for documenting the types of people I specifically avoid on campus. Ya know, the ones who ask stupid questions in your GE classes and brag about how much rat poison they snorted over the weekend. Well done!

  4. Don’t forget to add the 100K your dipshit parents flushed down the toilet by sending you to USF. Have fun in the unemployment line.

  5. Dear Mr. Blow, How would students be wearing 100 thousand dollars, especially if it has already been flushed down the toilet? Maybe the money would have been well spent in your case. Also, the Foghorn reaches beyond the borders of USF! Hooray!

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