Three Local Hiking Spots to Hit Before Finals

Kelley Omran

Contributing Writer


With finals creeping up, it’s time to de-stress and finish out the semester on a good note. Luckily, we live in a city with a mix of the busy city life along with calm nature trails and rewarding views. Here are three hiking spots, all near USF, that you can check out while taking a break from studying:


Lands End Trail

In her free time, sophomore and San Francisco native Ilana Shoyket enjoys hiking the Lands End trail. This hike can be accessed through Lands End (from the Legion of Honor) and ends at Ocean Beach. The views include the Golden Gate Bridge and the Bay to the surrounding birds, eucalyptus trees and flowers. Shoyket said, “It holds a lot of memories for me. The hike always seems new and it’s a rewarding trek to go through. There are also great views of the Bay and lots of trees!” Lands End is only one bus ride away; hop on the 38-Geary and disembark at the last stop.


Bernal Heights Park

Overlooking south San Francisco from Bernal Heights. COURTESY OF HARRISON GAROVI

If you’re ever near the Mission, be sure to check out Bernal Heights Park. While Twin Peaks has a similar view, Bernal Heights Park can offer a more well-rounded experience. “Bernal Heights is a cool place because you get a good view of downtown, but also the surrounding residential neighborhoods, the freeways, the Bay and the two bridges,” USF class of 2017 alumnus Harrison Garovi said. “It’s not a difficult hike, so any beginner or advanced hiker can enjoy the area and even bring their dog. There’s a swing, and there’s also benches and patches of grass where you can sit down and have a picnic.” While the most efficient bus route to get there from USF is the 5-Fulton and the 49-Van Ness, the views from the park and the Mexican food in the nearby Mission make up for the long commute.


The Presidio

Hiking paths at the Presidio wind through the trees. COURTESY OF KELLEY OMRAN

Another hike in San Francisco is the Presidio, specifically the California Coastal Trail. Senior Kaylynn Rodriguez said, “It’s such a cool trail because the beginning looks like it could be anywhere in California. The horizon stretches out to the right and there’s a wall of tall eucalyptus trees to the left. Then you round the bend and the Golden Gate Bridge is right there in full view. You come out right beneath it. It’s like a huge reminder that you’re still in SF, even though it felt like you were in the middle of a forest.” To reach the trail, take the 38-Geary to 25th Avenue, where you can take a short walk to your destination.


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