Tips on How to Survive the Late-Night Munchies

Being in college means two huge things in the food world: functioning on coffee, and eating during super late hours at night. Sadly San Francisco is not New York, where everything is open until two in the morning. What’s a college kid to do in times of late night munchies?

There are plenty of places in the City that will satisfy your late night snack attacks, study sessions and Wi-Fi needs. Most places close up early, but keep your eyes opens and you might just find a new favorite place to chow down at 2AM.
Of course there’s always the twenty-four hour Safeways, but sometimes that’s not enough. Here are a few good places to go when the late night cravings commence:

Blue Danube
(Clement Street between 4th and 5th) Hours: Mon-Thurs, Sun. 7A-10P Fri & Sat 7AM-11PM
This cute café/ coffee shop is the perfect place to grab a cup of coffee or a small bite to eat. There is plenty of comfortable seating and space to study. My only complaint about this place is that you have to pay for Wi-Fi, but still, it’s open later than most cafés.

(Divisadero between Fell and Hayes)Hours: Mon-Fri 6P- 1A, Sat & Sun 11A – 1A
This place is a bit on the expensive side, but is completely worth it. The atmosphere is really laid back and the food is amazing. My favorite late night snacks are the spicy chickpeas ($3) or the fish and chips ($4). They also have a full dinner menu if you want to get something more substantial.

The Grove
(Various locations)
Hours: Open until 11:30PM
I’ve mentioned several times before that I love this place. The seating is really relaxed and there are comfy couches everywhere. It’s easy to come here late, grab a seat, and get a snack, dessert or just a plain cup of coffee. There is a required purchase for Wi-Fi access (for every $5 you get 30 minutes).

Mel’s Drive-In
(Various Locations)
Hours: Open until at least 1AM
For all your late night, greasy diner fare, Mel’s is the place to go. They have your standard burgers and milkshakes, as well as “fancier options”, such as the turkey sliders topped with goat cheese and arugula. There are several locations spread out in the City and are all open late.

El Farolito
(Mission between 23rd and 24th)
Hours: Mon-Thurs, Sun 10A-3A Fri & Sat 10A- 4A
Honestly, I love this place. Not only can you find me stumbling into El Farolito on any given Saturday at 3A, but the people who work there are really friendly and make your food fast. The portions are huge and extremely inexpensive. Get a burrito and agua fresca and finish your night right.


2 thoughts on “Tips on How to Survive the Late-Night Munchies

  1. Adding in Genki Crepes on Clement and 4th. Open ’til 12:30am on weekends. This little Japanese market has hit the spot on more late nights than I can count. Try their crepe with red bean paste and green tea ice cream. Oh god. Cheap, quick, and unbelievably good. Why are you not there right now?

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