Top 4: The Best Bakeries Around San Francisco

My mother is a terrible baker. My brothers and I literally run away from the kitchen every time she announces that she’s made muffins or other “delectables”. I blame my mother’s inability to bake on my addiction to really good pastries and baked goods. Since moving to the city, I have found a ton of great places to get delicious treats. Here are my top four bakeries in the city and a few of my favorite goodies.

Arizmendi (9th Ave. at Irving St.)
I absolutely love the scones here. They go perfectly with a cup of coffee and are perfectly crumbly, buttery and have just the right amount of dried fruit sprinkled in. My favorite is the current scone ($2.50) but the oat ones are just as good! They have a huge selection of breads, cookies ($1.50-$2) and even homemade granola ($4.00/pound).

Cinderella Bakery (Balboa Ave. at 6th Ave.)
I just recently stumbled across this Russian bakery not too long ago. You can smell the fresh baked bread from the street and the scent is what originally lured me into the bakery. I was initially recommended the poppy seed roll ($2) (make sure you have them warm it up!) and am so glad that I tried it. The roll is a mixture of soft and airy with a light sweetness that isn’t too overbearing. It has a similar consistency to a croissant but without the flakiness. The bakery also has amazing eclairs ($2) and cookies ($1.50-$2).

Tartine Bakery (18th St. at Guerrero)
I love everything on the menu at Tartine. My favorite two items though are the morning bun ($3.75) and the devils food cake ($5.50/slice). The morning bun is made from the croissant dough but is instead rolled into a knot and covered with cinnamon and sugar. The sugar is infused with orange peel that gives it an amazingly pungent yet subtle flavor. The devils food cake is a chocolate lovers paradise. The cake is moist and extremely dense and the chocolate frosting is fudgy and rich. Be sure to check out other treats such as the coconut cake ($5.50/slice) or bread pudding ($4.50/piece).

Mission Pie (Mission St. between 25th St. and 26th St.)
You can’t go wrong with pie. Mission Pies boasts seasonal selections and each one is phenomenal. For $3.50, you can have a slice of walnut pie (similar to pecan), seasonal fruit pies or even one of the fresh vegan pies! My all time favorite, though, is the banana cream pie. The crust is unbelievably crumbly and flaky, the custard filling is packed with fresh banana and the fluffy whipped topping rounds off the pie beautifully.

More great bakeries:
-Liguria Bakery (Focaccia bread)- Stockton St. at Filbert St.
-Stella Pastry and Café (biscotti)- Green St. and Stockton St.
-Jane (macarons)- Filmore St. between California St. and Sacramento St.

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