Traffic Calming by Tighenting USF Street Parking is a Scam to Raise Revenue

In our near future, the vexatious San Francisco Metropolitan Transit Authority (SFMTA) plans to implement some very undesirable parking restrictions around the University of San Francisco. Parking meters and limits on all-day spots are proposed to be placed on sections of Turk, Parker, and Fulton streets. A two hour parking limit is proposed to be placed on sections of Parker and Fulton streets, and a one hour parking limit is proposed for University Terrace BB parking permit areas. All of these imbecile changes are proposed in an effort to calm traffic in the USF area because, according to a USF Connect announcement, “the perimeter of the USF campus is unregulated and open parking spaces are very scarce, leading visitors to circle for an open parking space, and sometimes leading to poor behavior.”

I have spent long hours at USF and have commuted to and from the university at least five days a week for the last three and a half years. Yes, I have to agree, several drivers search for parking in a rather ungentlemanly fashion; however, I have never seen the San Francisco Police Department clock for speeding on residential streets around USF in an effort to calm traffic. I have never seen USF’s Public Safety officers give warnings to speeding drivers looking for parking, and I can’t recall USF ever sending a message or making an announcement about safer driving practices in the neighborhoods surrounding campus. What I have noticed is a blind eye being turned to asinine driving habits around USF and an increase in mosquito-resembling meter maid vehicles circling USF’s perimeter and stinging parked cars. If the city of San Francisco was truly concerned with poor driving habits around the university, I think this situation would be addressed differently.

Furthermore, I’d like to point out that the traffic proposals will likely not result in more benign driving habits around USF; rather, I predict even more aggressive parking shopping. Areas with 1 hour parking limits will likely receive the worst driving, as car owner will rush to re-park cars more frequently and will be even less considerate of others.

If someone gave me one dollar for every decent person at the SFMTA, I’d have zero dollars. How stupid does the SFMTA think we are? The bottom line is the city is short of money and they need ways to get it. I do not believe restricting parking around the university is the solution to solving parking troubles in the neighborhood; rather, it is an obscure attempt to hand out tickets and collect meter money.

4 thoughts on “Traffic Calming by Tighenting USF Street Parking is a Scam to Raise Revenue

  1. Thomas

    You have hit the nail on the head. To make matters worse, you know the SFMTA has signed off on the removal of ALL parking along MAsonic from Fell to Geary. The ” Fix Masonic” project . Combine that with the new meter restrictions, and add in a big box retailer coming in October to Masonic and Geary (Target) and you have a recipe for a nightmare. I am with a group (MAsonic Corridor Neighborhood Association) that is opposing the parking removal and if anyone else at USF is in agreement , please email us at and we will tell you how we are fighting this. Thank you
    Vince Martire

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