Twitiquette: Living Life Publicly in 140 Characters or Less

With any burgeoning innovation comes the rules of how to live your lives with the new mewling processes and ways of being in the world. Far be it for me to create any rules because as the technology changes, so do the rules. But for now, here are some pointers for Twitter newbs and pros alike. And of course, it’s all in 140 characters.

itweetusf: Your twitter handle is your brand. Your brand is cool if it’s unique and memorable. Not so cool if it’s XXh0TooCHiXooWuvooMeeh.

itweetusf: Choose a good avatar. Works best when it’s a good pic of your face. I highly doubt you look like a white bird in a colored box.

itweetusf: Your followers list says a lot about you. So does the list of people you follow.

itweetusf: I personally enjoy tweets that help me learn more about a person. But I don’t need to learn too much about you: aka partying and pooping.

itweetusf: Learn the lingo: RT, @, DM, and #

itweetusf: When you RT something, you can (some say should) add something before hand.

itweetusf: Hashtags create tags…so things are searchable, and they’re also useful for subtext. #itweetusfisawesome

itweetusf:  If you think Twitter is stupid, just don’t do it.

itweetusf: If you see something you like, attribute it: (via @ItweetUSF) or (thx @ItweetUSF). There’s no but you will get called on it.

itweetusf:  If you’re comfortable standing in Harney shouting your deeds to everyone, then by all means tweet it. If not, step away from the keyboard.

itweetusf: I follow you. I see you on campus. I know more about you than you think. So do your (current and present) employers.

itweetusf: Twittering creates your brand. Everything you tweet reflects you.

Holler back! @itweetusf

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